The Left praises North Korea and berates our government
AS I WRECK THIS CHAIR By William M. Esposo
The Philippine Star 2012-04-17

The Left and their front organizations have been reduced to promoting gimmicks and sheer rabble rousing. Recently, the Leftists accused the President Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy) government of the exact opposite of Noynoying (doing nothing). This was related to the failed April 13 North Korean missile launch where the projectile fell into the Yellow Sea, very much short of its target.

When the P-Noy administration undertook preventive measures to ensure our people’s safety from a possible North Korean missile mishap, the Left immediately attempted to discredit the government’s preparations by branding it as an overreaction, even describing it as panic mongering.

While most of the civilized world condemned North Korea for its recklessness, our Leftists here praised North Korea despite their failed launch. The CPP (Communist Party of the Philippines) reportedly stated: “The main issue at hand is that the DPRK (North Korea) has exhibited determination to continue with its rocket launch in accordance with its sovereign right to carry out the necessary scientific and technological advancements in order to address the growing needs of its people.”

The Philippine STAR April 11 news story quoted ACT (Alliance of Concerned Teachers) Partylist Representative Antonio Tinio as saying: “The NDRRMC (National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council) report is riddled with politically-charged rhetoric, irresponsible generalizations, and absurd recommendations that grossly exaggerate any danger posed by the North Korean rocket. They are spreading misinformation and sowing fear among the public. It’s outrageous and unacceptable.”

Tinio further stated: “The North Koreans are launching a satellite on that rocket, not a nuclear warhead.” He then cites NDRRMC chief Benito Ramos for “evoking the doomsday weapon of the Cold War.” He added: Such exaggerated language is totally inappropriate coming from a bureaucrat in charge of ensuring public order and safety. Leave the rhetoric to the diplomats and politicians.”

“So why ask the whole population of Luzon to stay indoor? It’s totally out of proportion to the danger posed by the rocket debris, which is expected to fall in Philippine waters some 200 kilometers east of Luzon. Why is this government asking nearly 50 percent of the population to cower under their roofs when the splashdown will take place far from Philippine soil?” Tinio added.

The truth is that we should always expect a responsible government to undertake safety precautions. It was providential that the North Korean missile failed to orbit and crashed into the sea. This failure justifies the government’s preparations to safeguard Filipinos within an area where the missile could fall. If that missile dropped where it was never intended to drop — then it follows that it could have veered into Philippine territory, including heavily populated areas. How can these Leftists say the preparations were an overreaction?

It was idiotic of Tinio to remark that because it wasn’t a nuclear warhead that would be fired — then there’s hardly any risk at all. Rep. Tinio should try dropping a 20-pound solid object from over 200 feet high on top of his head and see if he can still assert that missile debris is safe. Missile debris would likely weigh more than 20 pounds.
Imagine what Rep. Tinio and Bayan would have been saying if the government didn’t undertake preparations the way it did and parts of the missile fell on Philippine soil — killing and injuring scores of Filipinos. We would never hear the end of it, for sure. It would have been utilized as another classic case of Noynoying, per the Left’s definition. They’d be painting red slogans all over town saying, “Noynoying kills Filipinos.”

The Bayan reaction was even funnier. They were supportive of the North Koreans in developing their missile and nuclear capability and condemned American media hype against North Korea for sowing the fear of the fallout. Like the North Koreans, the Leftists are what can be considered fellow travellers and so they all mouth the usual Red rhetoric against imperial America.

The P-Noy administration should thank its lucky stars that the CPP, Bayan and its front organizations were all caught mouthing pro-North Korean positions. With enemies like them, P-Noy might want to consider extending his presidency beyond 2016. Former President Fidel Ramos can tell P-Noy how it’s done.

Would the New York Times and the Washington Post rely on the interpretation of important events to anarchists in their society? Or will they not rely on more respectable and credible persons in society whose views will stick to what is true and good for the majority. In our society, the Leftists — or shall we say ANAYchists (Anay means termites) — are given more television and radio time than other more important and relevant global developments. Shouldn’t our media screen their resource persons and see through the selfish agenda of some groups? 

Just because somebody said something controversial doesn’t mean that it’s newsworthy. If we don’t believe that God is talking to Manny Pacquiao, as claimed by the boxer, why should we pay attention to the pronouncements of Leftist groups with a hidden agenda, groups that are interested more in sowing agitprop rather than elucidate our benighted people.

Shakespeare: “Madness in great ones must never unwatched go.”

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