Archive (As I Wreck This Chair)

Mar 2013 
Mar 31 It had to happen on The Ides of March and Holy Week
Mar 28 Suggested guidelines for liability- free Internet posts
Mar 26 Election lawyer: PCOS critics should put up or shut up
Mar 24 All Excited by Pope Francis
Mar 21 A great disservice to P-Noy
Mar 19 An army of hope to rebuild the nation
Mar 17 How our historic claim to Sabah supports China
Mar 14 Time to pay the piper
Mar 12 A pattern of Sultanate deception
Mar 10 Disguising imminent defeat as unilateral ceasefire
Mar 07 Expose the sinister forces behind the Sabah bloodbath
Mar 05 Start indicting those responsible for Sabah bloodshed
Mar 03 P-Noy haters feasting on the Sabah incident
Feb 2013 
Feb 28 Bukidnon NPA raid was all about money
Feb 26 Let reason prevail in Manila Bay Reclamation Project
Feb 24 Why they want to erase history from your memory
Feb 21 Bad timing kills the best-laid plans of sultans
Feb 19 Cracks in the UNA front
Feb 17 Was it old age or the New Age that caused Pope Benedict to resign?
Feb 14 The most traumatic Valentine’s Day Filipinos ever had
Feb 12 Nitpicking on jobs and PCOS machines
Feb 10 Be on the alert for idioglossia in Pinoy politics
Feb 07 What are our realistic options in the dispute with China?
Feb 05 Pathetic best describes P-Noy’s adversaries
Feb 03 Where’s Jesus Christ?
Jan 2013 
Jan 31 Why Trillanes is a dangerous leader
Jan 29 Comelec shouldn’t bite more than it could chew
Jan 27 All Filipinos should now rally around the flag
Jan 24 We reap benefits from conflicts
Jan 22 What’s the real agenda of China?
Jan 20 The price and hazards of underestimating P-Noy
Jan 17 The quest for a viable Kasambahay Bill
Jan 15 Questionable protagonists in Atimonan, guns and Koko’s side
Jan 13 The rough brand of PBA basketball
Jan 10 Fond moments with Fr. Jim
Jan 08 Did violent movies and video games sow the rampage killing culture?
Jan 06 Are CBCP Bishops conspiring to undermine P-Noy?
Jan 03 How Gwen Garcia can unmake the Jojo Binay presidency
Jan 01 Let’s make 2013 a turnaround year for all Filipinos
Dec 2012 
Dec 30 The high cost of media corruption
Dec 27 P-Noy KOs the CBCP
Dec 25 The historic impact of the birth of Christ
Dec 23 Outrageous statements in the Bible
Dec 20 Senate bets need P100 M for TV ad campaign
Dec 18 Manny Pacquiao fans fear for his health
Dec 16 How did we deserve the Estradas?
Dec 13 UN praises P-Noy while lawyer threatens the Chair Wrecker
Dec 11 Twilight for Manny Pacquiao
Dec 09 Is doomsday coming?
Dec 06 Most emotional people
Dec 04 The US reality in the South China Sea
Dec 02 How primetime TV newscasts can help improve Filipino lives
Nov 2012 
Nov 29 The most dangerous leader in the world today
Nov 27 Senate hearings should bring out the truth
Nov 25 Our confused and anachronistic Reds should grow up
Nov 22 Ponzi schemes feed on stupidity and greed
Nov 20 Junk the VFA: Right song, wrong time
Nov 18 The truth about the Subic waste brouhaha
Nov 15 Fire all ineffective cops to curb illegal drugs
Nov 13 Should Jojo Ochoa take a non-existent hint?
Nov 11 Why Filipinos should know their real history
Nov 08 Why Obama is better for the Philippines
Nov 06 The only way to remove political dynasties
Nov 04 Re-elect President Barack Obama or it's doomsday
Nov 01 Serge Valencia learns the risks of public office
Oct 2012 
Oct 30 PCSO: Daang Tinuwid
Oct 28 How did the Blue Vultures evolve?
Oct 25 How minimal should our 'minimum defense capability' be?
Oct 23 Calculated risks mark P-Noy's presidency
Oct 21 Good elites and bad elites
Oct 18 Debunking arguments against RA 10175
Oct 16 Our Muslim crabs
Oct 14 My fondest memories of Direk Marilou
Oct 11 Exposing Filipino dysfunctional thinking
Oct 09 Let reason rule over hysteria
Oct 07 Martial Law fiction from JPE and Kit Tatad
Oct 04 Did admin team overlook a powerful advantage?
Oct 02 Keep UAAP basketball clean, fair and wholesome
Sep 2012 
Sep 30 Embracing my new mission in life
Sep 27 Another Miriam surprise performance
Sep 25 Wishing Mar success at the DILG
Sep 23 What that Enrile-Trillanes tussle was all about
Sep 20 Filipinos still clueless who really wanted martial law
Sep 18 Our Maoists and their awkward ties to China
Sep 16 The highs and lows of Miriam's hearing
Sep 13 Why Rico Puno was targeted from Day 1
Sep 11 P-Noy must have realized who the real threats are
Sep 09 Who wants to lynch Usec Rico Puno?
Sep 06 The truth about Balay and Samar
Sep 05 Leni Robredo, just follow your heart
Sep 02 Will Mar at DILG be a boon or bane to P-Noy?
Aug 2012 
Aug 30 Do Filipinos appreciate our Jesse Robredos?
Aug 28 Let's see those SC SALNs and ITRs
Aug 26 Catholic bullies and a 'clown'
Aug 23 Another significant Phl event in August
Aug 21 Let people power uplift Philippine sports
Aug 19 Beware the God of the Old Testament
Aug 16 Heartwarming endorsements
Aug 14 Only a ruthless dictator can solve metro flooding
Aug 12 My medical experience could help prolong your life
Aug 09 Expect the CBCP to block our hosting the Olympics
Aug 07 Singapore's Lee and Malaysia's Mahathir would reject Cha-cha
Aug 05 Good and bad news
Aug 02 A Filipino patriot appeals to all fellow Filipinos
Jul 2012 
Jul 31 Irresponsible media heighten national security risks
Jul 29 Kabayan Noli was just a perfect example
Jul 26 Some folks totally missed the point
Jul 24 SONA clash: The man of the hour vs the anachronistic Reds
Jul 22 Why we Filipinos owe China a big favor
Jul 19 Is UNA feeling an impending doom?
Jul 17 Why P-Noy didn't rush making Dolphy a National Artist
Jul 15 Judicious application of political will
Jul 12 Suddenly, the admin Senate ticket looks awesome
Jul 10 Why Donaire will never be a Pacquiao
Jul 08 You want growth, but can you handle growth?
Jul 05 Inanities begging to be slammed
Jul 03 Koko crosses his Rubicon
Jul 01 W. Scott Thompson endorses Israeli-type Phl defense capability
Jun 2012 
Jun 28 Can we be the Israel of the US in Asia?
Jun 26 Does P-Noy really want to control the judiciary?
Jun 24 Christ warned us about our modern-day Pharisees
Jun 21 VP Jojo Binay should learn the lessons of the super parties
Jun 19 Much ado about 50-50
Jun 17 Filipinos will support Koko's principled stand
Jun 14 Why many believe the Pacquiao-Bradley fight was fixed
Jun 12 Stop the Pinoy crabs from undermining our big gains
Jun 10 Why man's laws are error prone
Jun 07 More writers deplore the sorry state of our media
Jun 05 The real Lady Gaga issue
Jun 03 We need systemic reform, not cheap gimmickry
May 2012 
May 31 The Senate rises while Rudy Fariñas shines
May 29 Not all leftists are communists
May 27 When God marches through an impeachment trial
May 24 Suntok, iyak, takbo
May 22 The SC can never be the same again
May 20 Can CJ Corona negate the Ombudsman's revelations?
May 17 Filipino Quislings encourage Chinese bullying
May 15 What is happening to Mar Roxas?
May 13 Good news, except in many of our media
May 10 Why CJ Corona was forced to testify
May 08 Are Dolphy, Vilma and Nora qualified to be National Artists?
May 06 Meet Joe America
May 03 Asian expert thinks China miscalculated
May 01 Why's the Left always in a squatter war zone?
Apr 2012 
Apr 29 More useful insights on dealing with China
Apr 26 Factor these when dealing with China
Apr 24 The Jojo versus Mar joust starts early
Apr 22 The dizzying Manny Pacquiao
Apr 19 Only Pacquiao can satisfy the unreasonable Mindanaoans
Apr 17 The Left praises North Korea and berates our government
Apr 15 Avoid offending religious sensibilities
Apr 12 VP Binay's foes are right on cue
Apr 10 Are the new allies of VP Binay assets or liabilities?
Apr 08 A resurrection experience
Apr 05 The champion of the little people
Apr 03 Are heinous crimes rooted to deteriorating moral standards?
Apr 01 A Pulse Asia poll could have saved Jesus from crucifixion
Mar 2012 
Mar 29 The power play of the ANAYchists
Mar 27 Pay the taxman, Pacman!
Mar 25 Are Senator-Judges telling CJ Rene Corona to testify or lose?
Mar 22 ‘Noynoying’ shames its perpetrators, not P-Noy
Mar 20 Is P-Noy aspiring to be our Fuehrer?
Mar 18 Annoying P-Noy
Mar 15 Toby Tiangco's hair made more impact than his testimony
Mar 13 Why coup plots have a dismal track record of failure
Mar 11 The Nun who floored the Chief Justice
Mar 08 Our single biggest national security threat
Mar 06 Do our Senator-Judges abide by the Code for Judicial Conduct?
Mar 04 Ugly
Mar 01 The Freeh Report exposed our sloppy journalists
Feb 2012 
Feb 28 Important perspectives to the Pagcor controversy
Feb 26 Be sure brain is engaged before putting mouth into gear
Feb 23 Why that sudden JPE inconsistent ruling on PAL perks?
Feb 21 The Dow Jones guide on Politically Exposed Persons
Feb 19 Pacquiao as 'Bible Ambassador' sends wrong signals
Feb 16 Did 13 Senators vote according to political realignments?
Feb 14 That terrible script of the defense worsened the SC's woes
Feb 12 Unopened dollar accounts do CJ Corona more harm
Feb 09 After another prosecution folly Farinas is a breath of fresh air
Feb 07 How not to write a rejoinder
Feb 05 Information could cause your progress or exploitation
Feb 02 What's the unbelievable tale and retraction of Cuevas all about?
Jan 2012 
Jan 31 Two wishes for Senator-Judges
Jan 29 Can our media be trusted with sensitive information?
Jan 26 Chief Prosecutor Niel Tupas Jr. should be replaced
Jan 24 Drilon attack exposes defense desperation
Jan 22 The deplorable sports-like TV coverage of the impeachment trial
Jan 19 Impeachment trial ups and downs
Jan 17 It's the truth, liar
Jan 15 How we'll become a geopolitically endangered species
Jan 12 What makes the notorious Pinoy crabs distinct?
Jan 10 Pinoy crabs kill the fun in the Philippines
Jan 08 Small school, big impact
Jan 05 Bashing the CCT for all the wrong reasons
Jan 03 The first big national security concern of 2012
Jan 01 Moving poor children ahead
Dec 2011 
Dec 29 Government bonuses reveal counterproductive attitudes
Dec 27 How luxurious is Manny Pacquiao's P25-M yacht?
Dec 25 A 'Top 5 Regrets of the Dying' Christmas message
Dec 22 What has gone into their minds?
Dec 20 Unbelievable
Dec 18 GMA and CJ Corona's monumental blunders
Dec 15 Only CJ Rene Corona is under fire, not the entire Judiciary
Dec 13 Polls confirm majority support for P-Noy's anti-corruption fight
Dec 11 Does your soy sauce cause cancer?
Dec 08 Do you still think P-Noy is a wimp or indecisive?
Dec 06 Watch out for suicide, not assassination
Dec 04 How do we jail a problem like GMA?
Dec 01 Did mind-blowing sex erase their memories?
Nov 2011 
Nov 29 Our recent 'worst' and 'most hated' tags
Nov 27 Conflict resolution tips from an American leadership coach
Nov 24 Who will fight and die for GMA?
Nov 22 When a SC judgment conflicts with the people's sense of justice
Nov 20 The Sound of Music still enchants after 46 years
Nov 17 Can the SC survive the political fallout of their TRO?
Nov 15 Smokin' Joe attained greatness during an era of boxing titans
Nov 13 Misrepresenting history
Nov 10 What's Erap really up to?
Nov 08 Doing the right thing
Nov 06 How our media can become a national security problem
Nov 03 Facts they didn't tell you about Muammar Gadhafi
Nov 01 Two family jewels shine bright
Oct 2011 
Oct 30 Revocation of US independence
Oct 27 The folly of an all-out war versus the MILF
Oct 25 Clarifications
Oct 23 The best occupation prevention measure
Oct 20 Aren't media reports good enough to start a probe?
Oct 18 When a cool CJ Rene Corona barks and threatens to bite
Oct 16 The Steve Jobs quality Filipinos should emulate
Oct 13 Why we should go loco over coco
Oct 11 How Shamcey Supsup activated the Filipino damaged culture
Oct 09 Our country recently lost a great son
Oct 06 P-Noy visits disaster areas under his terms
Oct 04 Sharing little known facets of the president's character
Oct 02 American geopolitical expert sees South China Sea conflict
Sep 2011 
Sep 29 Pros and cons of expanding legal age barriers
Sep 27 Why the Left cannot get it right
Sep 25 Finally, we're using our coconuts
Sep 22 Are you ready for a Manny Pacquiao presidency?
Sep 20 A heartbreaking poll for P-Noy's critics
Sep 18 George W. Bush lessons guided the Libyan success
Sep 15 Hooliganism shouldn't be tolerated in UAAP basketball
Sep 13 An even bigger crocodile story
Sep 11 How 9/11 changed our lives
Sep 08 Coddling squatters only encourages lawlessness
Sep 06 An under appreciated president on the world stage
Sep 04 Anti Filipino article reaps the whirlwind
Sep 01 Peddling cheap shots
Aug 2011 
Aug 30 Rebutting Ramon Tulfo and other apology seekers
Aug 28 Facebook, Twitter and the new media can improve your life
Aug 25 Widespread riots can happen here too
Aug 23 Is there a hidden agenda behind the Day of Penance?
Aug 21 How much do we owe Ninoy Aquino?
Aug 18 Gainers and losers at the Senate CCP art work hearing
Aug 16 How Catholic Talibans stormed the CCP
Aug 14 How the Spratlys dispute could affect the Mindanao conflict
Aug 11 How our media create fake heroes
Aug 09 They'd rather look stupid than tell the truth
Aug 07 Getting the truth and convicting the perpetrators
Aug 04 Why PNoy calls for a higher level of discourse in media
Aug 02 Why is Ricky Carandang still around?
Jul 2011 
Jul 31 How narrow minds can ruin our country
Jul 28 How a wee woman's gigantic faith led to the STAR
Jul 26 Why PNoy's destabilizers are doomed to fail
Jul 24 News about my extinction were over exaggerated
Jun 2011 
Jun 02 .
May 2011 
May 31 Your Chair Wrecker takes a break and remembers Anding Roces
May 29 How the economy of communion bridges the wealth gap
May 26 Can Obama swing a lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians?
May 24 It's the message that's stupid
May 22 Lessons for Filipinos from the NBA
May 19 $3 trillion in 15 years makes Osama the most expensive manhunt
May 17 Three big letdowns
May 15 The remarkable Ancilla business-with-a-soul success story
May 12 What happens when oil rises to $300 a barrel?
May 10 Can Osama save Obama?
May 08 Marking 20 years of giving and sharing
May 05 ES Jojo Ochoa's Pulse Asia rating debunked his detractors
May 03 Contrasting lessons on how to make a proper exit
May 01 My unforgettable encounter with Pope John Paul II
Apr 2011 
Apr 28 Should it be YES or NO to mining?
Apr 26 The RH Bill debate unmasked modern day Pharisees
Apr 24 Easter greetings and wishes
Apr 21 The sad plight of Japan's abandoned dogs
Apr 19 Merci's ploy won't work
Apr 17 Palm Sunday lessons and reflections
Apr 14 Vital context, insights and perspectives
Apr 12 Were they really unwitting victims or willing drug couriers?
Apr 10 Who are to blame for the cancer of our moral standards?
Apr 07 Why China is unforgiving to drug peddlers
Apr 05 What's the logic behind the SWS Net Satisfaction rating?
Apr 03 Exploiting the 3 China executions
Mar 2011 
Mar 29 A fate worse than impeachment can befall GMA and Merci
Mar 27 Clear minds should decide whether we go nuclear or not
Mar 24 Dangerous signs in the latest Pulse Asia survey
Mar 22 Sense of country is rooted to sense of community
Mar 20 Why advertisers should not support irresponsible media
Mar 17 Senseless panic in Metro Manila, grace under fire in Japan
Mar 15 Who's afraid of the taxman?
Mar 13 China to overtake the US sooner than you think
Mar 10 An appropriate and timely message
Mar 08 Oil makes the world go round or kaput
Mar 06 Hawaiian lessons for Filipinos
Mar 03 A model for the Senate inquisitions
Mar 01 No way, Sen. Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr., no way!
Feb 2011 
Feb 27 The China executions revealed serious Philippine media flaws
Feb 24 Writing the LABAN final chapter
Feb 22 How LABAN and EDSA Uno coped with low-tech conditions
Feb 20 How Filipinos almost lost LABAN
Feb 17 Our damaged culture needs urgent repair
Feb 13 Haunted by the ghost of Angie Reyes
Feb 10 A tragic turn in the quest for truth and justice
Feb 08 Can Obama prevent the decline and fall of the US Empire?
Feb 06 Who wants to resurrect COPA?
Feb 03 The desperate moves of P-Noy's adversaries
Feb 01 How Senators should not behave
Jan 2011 
Jan 30 Fond UST memories
Jan 27 Who's the mad bomber?
Jan 25 Victims of knee jerk reactions
Jan 23 Wrong solution to the wrong problem
Jan 20 Whose Maoists are our so-called Maoists?
Jan 18 Why the Left fails to get it right
Jan 16 Heaven-sent blissfully nostalgic television hours
Jan 13 How to make the government TV network more relevant
Jan 11 Global success stories of the Conditional Cash Transfer Program
Jan 09 How overseas Filipinos can avoid native hostility
Jan 06 When our protectors become our predators
Jan 04 How President Cory scuttled the Reds during the late 1980s
Jan 02 P-Noy starts the New Year by putting his money where he promised
Dec 2010 
Dec 30 The biggest 2010 event for the Filipino nation
Dec 28 Missing the wisdom in the new anti-insurgency policy
Dec 26 What would Philippine history be like if we didn't have Christmas?
Dec 23 Undermining P-Noy, with a lot of help from his friends
Dec 21 How P-Noy's 'all-time high' presidential popularity will crash
Dec 19 How do we solve a problem like China?
Dec 16 The disgusting ANC Vizconde case feeding frenzy
Dec 14 Complications of the Morong 43 case withdrawal
Dec 12 There's more to sports than just games and competitions
Dec 09 A clamor for development oriented Philippine media
Dec 07 WikiLeaks could have enlightened benighted Filipinos
Dec 05 When the media become the bad news and a national problem
Dec 02 Asking the wrong questions about the Grand Lotto and VFA
Nov 2010 
Nov 30 What's the education budget cut ranting all about?
Nov 28 North Korea can trigger the feared 21st century US-China war
Nov 25 The Pope's condom remark unsettles the CBCP
Nov 23 We should redeploy our best ever tourism slogan
Nov 21 Enlist the Pacman and junk that slogan
Nov 18 The doomsayers must be red in the face
Nov 16 How accurate are those think tank reports?
Nov 14 He came, he saw and he made a sales pitch
Nov 11 Why Filipinos should be very wary of the US
Nov 09 Did the VFA review trigger the US terror threat advisory?
Nov 07 ABS-CBN braces for a Willie Revillame shock wave
Nov 04 Loose tweets can sink a ship of state
Nov 02 Memories of Undases past
Oct 2010 
Oct 31 The Saint the Catholic Church urgently needs
Oct 28 Why Shakespeare is the world's most celebrated black propagandist
Oct 26 The dark suspicions about the Glorietta 2 blast resurface
Oct 24 Adjusting to presidential styles and personalities
Oct 21 Different public reactions to 2 collegiate basketball championships
Oct 19 American sins against Filipinos
Oct 17 How some Filipinos became a Jerusalem mob
Oct 14 The US recycles China as their latest bogeyman
Oct 12 At the very least, the AMLA needs dentures
Oct 10 A looming unholy alliance vs P-Noy
Oct 09 Let reason rule over hysteria
Oct 07 Really, what's the big deal about a President's first 100 days?
Oct 05 A double speaking Philippine Catholic Church
Oct 03 Fraternizing with their killers
Sep 2010 
Sep 30 A Philippine law that rewards an illegal act
Sep 28 An impossible haves and have-nots dialogue
Sep 26 Are we really getting the whole truth in the jueteng exposé?
Sep 23 A millstone hung around a DILG Secretary's neck
Sep 21 Martial law could have made Marcos a great leader
Sep 19 Government can and should regulate broadcast media
Sep 16 Lessons for Filipinos from the FIBA World Championships
Sep 14 P-Noy scores a slam dunk
Sep 12 'Peace at all costs' with the MILF could mean a greater RP war
Sep 09 How would Jojo Binay handle the hostage crisis?
Sep 07 Opportunities come with crisis
Sep 05 US-China developing South China Sea conflict is on a CNN top show but not on RP media
Sep 02 How the UAAP and NCAA cage wars reflect our hypocrisy
Aug 2010 
Aug 31 How come that we're the first to put our country down?
Aug 29 The vultures prey on the hostage tragedy
Aug 26 Even an amateur had a better plan
Aug 24 Who would protest the selling of the RPN-9 and IBC-13 networks?
Aug 22 Missing ye olde Avenida Rizal
Aug 19 The travails of Pacman and Wowowee
Aug 17 Are Filipinos pinning their hopes on obsolete solutions?
Aug 15 Missing Cyrano
Aug 12 Preferred idiocy will kill us
Aug 10 How to untangle a sabotaged presidency
Aug 08 We should not commit injustice when administering justice
Aug 05 No quick fix for PAL
Aug 03 A brewing serious P-Noy media problem
Aug 01 Another historic death and rebirth
Jul 2010 
Jul 29 The selling of our country
Jul 27 The post-SONA political realities
Jul 25 Tourism can help bring Filipinos to the Promised Land
Jul 22 A vital state in the State of the Nation
Jul 20 A centennial commemoration of a great personal event
Jul 18 Two 'hard-not-to-admire' persons
Jul 15 Why the Left remains politically insignificant
Jul 13 The credit grabbers and rewriters of history
Jul 11 Meet the media trainer of President Noy and his cabinet
Jul 08 The controversial Pastor
Jul 04 How VP Binay recently outflanked Mar Roxas
Jul 01 With thanks to Maria Montelibano, P-Noy starts with a BANG!
Jun 2010 
Jun 29 On the eve of a new era
Jun 27 How P-Noy can become a great national leader
Jun 24 The idiocy P-Noy should address
Jun 22 The mob is fickle
Jun 20 Early danger warning signs
Jun 17 Will it be P-Noy plus V-Nay or P-Noy vs V-Nay?
Jun 13 Will it be BSA or P-Noy?
Jun 10 Noynoy's biggest challenge is handling the US and China
Jun 08 Steer clear of suicidal type leaders
Jun 06 Mar Roxas should stop clutching at NULL VOTES straws
Jun 03 The Liberal Party must play its cards right
Jun 01 The uppers and downers
May 2010 
May 30 The making of the Philippine president, 2010
May 25 The wisdom in the words of your enemies
May 20 The marketing aspect of the 2010 campaign
May 18 Cory lessons about the bulls in the china shop
May 16 Mar Roxas was a victim
May 13 Election big winners and losers
May 11 Poll automation lessons
May 09 A hopeful yet fearful Filipino nation
May 04 Two of our few good men and women
May 02 The rising survey phobia epidemic
Apr 2010 
Apr 29 It's all over but the lying, the faking and the cheating
Apr 27 The desperate moves of very desperate people
Apr 25 The Yankee phobic GMA regime
Apr 22 Is Zaldy Ampatuan's release connected to 'Villarroyo'?
Apr 20 An unexpected added impetus - the TIME Magazine cover
Apr 18 Kumpareng Manny Villar gets two 'killer' endorsements
Apr 15 Significant and insignificant developments
Apr 13 Crooked thinking from crooked minds
Apr 11 It's Kumpareng Manny Villar who should submit a psychiatric report
Apr 08 The realistic options of the last 31 days of campaigning
Apr 06 Oh, when it rains it pours!
Apr 04 Easter greetings in an open letter to Kumpareng Manny Villar
Mar 2010 
Mar 30 Manny Villar's ominous sharp drop in the latest SWS poll
Mar 28 How Manny Villar lied and used the death of his brother Danny
Mar 25 Who still believes Loren?
Mar 23 Why the most feared scenario is the least likely scenario
Mar 18 Why some nations become extinct
Mar 16 Who is the big spender Cardinal Rosales and the Bishops referred to?
Mar 14 When straight emits the odor of crooked
Mar 11 FVR provides the key to Gilbert Teodoro's political future
Mar 09 Manny Villar's bad hair week
Mar 07 Mike Velarde, Manny Villar and their business ties that bind
Mar 04 The 'Wonder Girls' of the 2010 presidential election
Mar 02 The sum of GMA's fears is EDSA
Feb 2010 
Feb 28 Do you really believe that Villar is the most trusted?
Feb 25 Did Villar, Erap, Teodoro and Gordon fight the Marcos dictatorship?
Feb 23 How truthful are those Villar and Erap ads?
Feb 21 Thank God for food, glorious food!
Feb 18 What a good Fair Elections Act must enforce
Feb 16 RA 9006 (Fair Elections Act) is the product of an inferior culture
Feb 14 Baby Boomer music and memories
Feb 11 The imperatives for the top 5 presidential candidates
Feb 09 'Politically motivated' does not acquit a criminal
Feb 07 Was Manny Villar really ever poor?
Feb 04 Can Manny Villar buy the 2010 presidential election?
Feb 02 Maguindanao massacre haunts Gilbert Teodoro
Jan 2010 
Jan 31 Why the Reds are Aquino phobes
Jan 28 When bad situations get worse for Manny Villar
Jan 26 How demolition jobs can backfire
Jan 24 Why we must go down in order to go up
Jan 21 Why Noynoy has the best solution to poverty
Jan 17 Will it narrow to a Noynoy or Manny contest for president?
Jan 14 The biggest campaign spender can also be the worst possible plunderer
Jan 12 How to misrepresent surveys
Jan 10 Junk all candidates pushing Cha cha!
Jan 07 The passion Gilbert Teodoro must overcome
Jan 05 Who can be the worst possible plunderer among the 2010 bets?
Jan 03 Why for over 40% of voters 2010 is 'It's NOY or Never'
Dec 2009 
Dec 31 Hilarious political jokes to usher a Happy NOY Year
Dec 29 Who will be the real economic emancipator?
Dec 27 Premature Holy Innocents Day political pranks
Dec 24 How it was like the Christmas before Cory
Dec 22 How GMA defined the 2010 presidential elections
Dec 20 How to make poll losers look like winners
Dec 17 Gilbert Teodoro must account for Maguindanao and other issues
Dec 15 Don't let GMA get away with PP 1959
Dec 13 Junk all promoters and defenders of PP 1959 in 2010
Dec 10 Even Senator Miriam Santiago wouldn't defend PP 1959
Dec 08 Does GMA hero worship Marcos?
Dec 06 Yup! Better to beautistic than corrupt!
Dec 03 GMA's utterly self demeaning act
Dec 01 GMA is reaping the Ampatuans that she nurtured
Nov 2009 
Nov 29 How government gaps are bridged by People Power
Nov 26 How to promote unity without rewarding opportunism
Nov 24 Odd recent events affecting our lives
Nov 17 Anti Noynoy for all the wrong reasons
Nov 15 Inspiring compositions that are still relevant today
Nov 12 An open letter to US State Secretary Hillary Clinton
Nov 10 Is there method to the midnight madness sale of government assets?
Nov 08 Another excellent sample of the passion for Noynoy
Nov 05 And then there were four
Nov 03 Is GMA really worse than Erap?
Nov 01 The unraveling of Chiz Escudero
Oct 2009 
Oct 29 Gilbert Teodoro should see the light like Ronnie Puno
Oct 27 Will FVR listen to his niece and go Noynoy?
Oct 25 Can't we outgrow our imaginary 'romance' with the US?
Oct 22 Can Noynoy top Magsaysay's 1953 vote tally of 68.90%?
Oct 20 Erap is just a legend in his own mind now
Oct 18 A sample of the passion fueling the Noynoy phenomenon
Oct 15 Peacemaker or superpower on the retreat?
Oct 13 There should be more 'Face to Face' type forums
Oct 11 The political termites are coming out of the woodwork
Oct 08 Something's fishy in Atienza's anti fish pen policy
Oct 06 VFA will separate nationalists from opportunists
Oct 04 Our poorest disaster victims need more than just relief goods
Oct 01 How we can all win from tragedies like Ondoy
Sep 2009 
Sep 29 Our neighborhoods should start building their own arks
Sep 27 Victory makers and victory credit-grabbers
Sep 24 Game fixing scandals hound the UAAP
Sep 22 The 'machinery' myth persists
Sep 20 Gibo unmasks Gibo
Sep 17 Bert Romulo will support Noynoy
Sep 15 Noynoy's impending landslide win makes rivals whistle a 'happy tune'
Sep 13 The key to securing GMA's place in history
Sep 10 How Opposition unity and disunity work for Noynoy
Sep 08 How do GMA and the other wannabes solve a problem like Noynoy?
Sep 06 When the blind pretend to have 20/20 vision
Sep 03 Mar's great shining moment
Sep 01 How not to be compared to a 'sphincter'
Aug 2009 
Aug 30 Tips for aspiring leaders
Aug 27 Meet the Palace 'sphincters'
Aug 25 How your home will become ground zero in the looming US-China war
Aug 23 Will the Liberal Party make another monumental blunder?
Aug 20 How Ninoy Aquino's assassination made me a Chair Wrecker
Aug 18 Rep. Suarez as face saver, Jamby as president and Erap as Ninoy
Aug 16 Misreading the Cory phenomenon
Aug 13 St. Cory and why not!
Aug 11 The essence of Cory's legacy that Noynoy and Kris cannot overlook
Aug 09 After Cory, why not Noynoy?
Aug 06 After mourning for Cory, it's sympathies for Gloria
Aug 04 Who will now dare touch the Cory Constitution?
Aug 02 Cory is God's gift to the Filipino people
Jul 2009 
Jul 30 The DIM MAK Code to the GMA-Obama meeting
Jul 28 Expect intensified demolition after Villar's 33% SWS rating
Jul 26 Is the Filipino capable of unlearning?
Jul 23 Can the administration win in 2010 sans Veep Noli de Castro?
Jul 21 Is Manny Villar playing with fire?
Jul 19 The phenomenal affection for our celebrity idols
Jul 16 A Japanese attempt to rewrite the history of the 1945 Manila carnage
Jul 14 Why the US desperately needs the Moro Homeland
Jul 12 Bombs, conflicting reports, a CIA Chief and what all that could mean
Jul 09 The health of the Head of State isn't a state secret
Jul 07 Who are the real 'mad bombers' in Metro Manila?
Jul 05 Why we fail to elect good leaders
Jul 02 A meaningful true to life Epiphany story
Jun 2009 
Jun 30 Would a CEO still want to become a district manager?
Jun 28 Once the Queen of the Pacific, the Manila which we miss
Jun 25 The GMA regime's weakness and vulnerability
Jun 23 How to regulate the misuse and abuse of government ads
Jun 21 The beach revelers who don't see the mega tidal wave about to hit them
Jun 18 Survey firm responds to Chair Wrecker's questions
Jun 16 The mysterious sacking of Raul Gonzalez
Jun 14 Those 'instant survey firms' are resurrecting!
Jun 11 GMA's narrowing political options
Jun 09 Were there un-announced factors in Ping's withdrawal?
Jun 07 The selling of the 2010 Philippine president
Jun 04 Resources can't compensate for political and moral bankruptcy
Jun 02 When 'the 3 stooges' conduct a Senate hearing
May 2009 
May 31 Even Hitler was entitled to have a fair trial
May 28 Enrile versus Pimentel: Who can we believe?
May 26 AFP training urgently needs a curriculum overhaul
May 24 Why many Filipinos are like Jason Bourne
May 21 How values work for or against a people
May 19 Why it's values reform or bust for us Filipinos
May 17 Why we fail to eradicate corruption
May 14 Villar's two chances to get a fair Senate hearing: none and nil
May 12 Will Martin Nievera dare to sing Iran's national anthem his way?
May 11 Poll automation lessons
May 10 Tribute to the hand that rocked our cradle
May 07 Are we ready to have good leaders?
May 05 The flawed arithmetic of the Opposition
May 03 The making of the Opposition defeat in 2010
Apr 2009 
Apr 30 World's fastest cops on the crime scene
Apr 28 The PPCRV head barks up the wrong tree
Apr 26 World renowned success guru reveals what real talent is
Apr 23 Did Ted Failon get in the way of a VIP's big hidden agenda?
Apr 21 A Lacson inquisition desperately seeking heat diversion
Apr 19 Know the '90/10 Principle' that leads to a better life
Apr 16 How Eastern Medicine tops Western Medicine
Apr 14 Tap Eastern Medicine to improve our public health
Apr 12 An Easter moment of the Catholic Church
Apr 09 The Christian way to prevent a rampage shooter
Apr 07 Man's predilection for genocide persists
Apr 05 How what we don't want to know will kill us
Apr 02 How Pacquiao will lose to Hatton
Mar 2009 
Mar 31 How Filipinos should react to Chip Tsao's offensive article
Mar 29 How Tony Blair can complicate the peace process
Mar 26 Why Obama should listen to Malaysia's Mahathir
Mar 24 Pacquiao as the real voracious Pacman
Mar 22 A true story: How God found an atheist
Mar 19 Why do Filipinos act like kept harlots?
Mar 17 Obama's phone call shows Filipinos in the age of stupid
Mar 15 How will you react if the Kepler Mission discovers another 'earth'?
Mar 12 How to spot the new opportunities in a long recession
Mar 10 How others view our shameless Filipino elite
Mar 08 What we can learn from Lee Kuan Yew's daughter
Mar 05 Aren't they all honorable men and women?
Mar 03 Erap's operators are destroying Gen. Danny Lim
Mar 01 ABS-CBN's Joey Villarama threatened for QC 'shootout' coverage
Feb 2009 
Feb 26 Who wants to kill Ramon Tulfo?
Feb 24 Why GMA will not act on the Smith custody issue
Feb 22 The shameless Filipino elite
Feb 19 A great Filipino, a remarkable public service career
Feb 17 Insights to Obama's foreign policy
Feb 15 Why Senator Ping Lacson should just shut up
Feb 12 Planning the 'Un-plannable'
Feb 10 The Senate President that Ping Lacson et al created
Feb 08 My Cory
Feb 05 Can we laugh off our cancer of corruption?
Feb 03 The true state of The Philippine STAR
Feb 01 The Filipino's desperate search for a national hero
Jan 2009 
Jan 29 You might unknowingly vote for a GMA 'clone' in 2010
Jan 27 When the benighted opts to remain in the dark
Jan 25 The Filipino's survival kit
Jan 22 English as the big Filipino hang up
Jan 20 The end of a nightmare, the start of hope and change
Jan 18 The extensive damage a foreign medium of instruction unleashes
Jan 15 'Anti-Semitism' as Jewish counter propaganda
Jan 13 Is Sec. Raul Gonzalez laying the basis for a DoJ whitewash?
Jan 11 Who are the real terrorists in the Holy Land?
Jan 08 Even Congressmen are shocked by the DoJ stink
Jan 06 Why the 'English bill' is tantamount to national suicide
Jan 04 Filipinos must understand what the Cha cha con men are really offering
Jan 01 Suggested nation building New Year's resolutions for Filipinos
Dec 2008 
Dec 30 Why GMA must fire DAR Sec. Nasser Pangandaman Sr.
Dec 28 Oh Cory, how could you?
Dec 25 Tears on Christmas Day
Dec 23 Filipinos who saw through the Pacquiao-de la Hoya fight hype
Dec 21 Why some Filipinos can be called idiots
Dec 18 Manny Pacquiao didn't win a great fight
Dec 16 The ultimate contempt - Iraqi throws his shoes at Bush
Dec 14 Signs that we're not a right thinking nation
Dec 11 Why the biggest crooks are pushing for Cha cha economic reform
Dec 09 Lucky for us Thailand is not a landlocked neighbor
Dec 07 Christ warned us that the devil will quote scripture
Dec 04 Barack Obama could have unwittingly caused the Mumbai attacks
Dec 02 US decline in the new world compels Filipinos to rethink and retool
Nov 2008 
Nov 30 US Intel Report sees the end of US domination in a new world
Nov 27 Who really got burned by the Senate coup?
Nov 25 Why GMA takes great risks with Cha cha
Nov 23 Is MSG really as safe as now being promoted?
Nov 20 The real motives behind the Senate coup
Nov 18 Wow! Sorrowful and joyful mysteries in two Senate hearings
Nov 16 How much does it cost to kill a man?
Nov 13 Why Obama will likely support Filipinos in removing evil despots
Nov 11 Stay off Philippine roads and live longer
Nov 06 Compare American and Filipino media and voters
Nov 04 Why is Erap peddling an illusion?
Nov 02 Why Filipino-Americans should vote for Obama
Oct 2008 
Oct 30 Sure signs of a fake leader
Oct 28 Why is there no outrage over how the gas firms are overcharging us?
Oct 26 How Chiara Lubich’s EoC succeeds where philanthropy fails
Oct 23 The world, especially the Philippines, desperately needs a new economic paradigm
Oct 21 How will Ronnie Puno solve a problem like 105,000 euros?
Oct 19 It’s time we listened to Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.
Oct 16 The excuse for Cha cha is the best reason to reject it
Oct 14 The highly-questionable ‘Right to Reply’ Bill and grant of executive clemency
Oct 12 Like Filipinos, Americans are also fooled by showbiztocracy
Oct 09 The world now suffers from SinoFOODbia
Oct 07 How McCain’s health creates a global security risk
Oct 05 Warnings we didn’t heed 10 years ago
Oct 02 What is Lacson’s real agenda?
Sep 2008 
Sep 30 Does GMA want to take over sports?
Sep 28 Trash talking is simply mindless garbage picking
Sep 25 Why Lacson is trying to demolish Villar
Sep 23 Mar Roxas can become president sans negative campaigning
Sep 21 Who really wanted martial law in the Philippines in 1972?
Sep 18 Another Panfilo Lacson dud
Sep 16 What national treasure has GMA not yet given away?
Sep 14 What, me worry?
Sep 11 Why GMA needed Chavit as Deputy NSA
Sep 09 Is Manny Pacquiao the best face the GMA regime can offer?
Sep 07 Resurrection, in more ways than one
Aug 2008 
Aug 28 Filipinos can’t solve problems that they don’t know
Aug 26 Listen to Erap and lose Mindanao
Aug 24 What is there to upset Gloria?
Aug 21 Ninoy may now be wondering if the Filipino was worth dying for
Aug 19 How following only the letter of the law promotes lawlessness
Aug 17 World-class celebrity chef transforms dropouts into top-class chefs
Aug 14 The big mistakes the MILF must not commit
Aug 12 Know how the BJE serves US geo-political interests
Aug 10 Crisis can be a big blessing
Aug 07 Where the MILF confidence that ‘It’s a done deal’ comes from
Aug 05 The untold realities of the MILF Pact
Aug 03 The Chair Wrecker and the Starfish Thrower
Jul 2008 
Jul 31 Is a varsity basketball game worth dying for?
Jul 29 ARMM polls deferment: The confluence of 3 agendas
Jul 27 Priceless lesson from an American cab driver
Jul 24 The national problem: We only see the trees
Jul 22 Signs now clearer that GMA won’t exit in 2010
Jul 20 Our leaders have greater sins that deserve denial of Holy Communion
Jul 17 Why can’t GMA impose higher sin taxes to reduce energy costs?
Jul 15 The controversial return of the ‘Blue Chicken’
Jul 13 Do we still have a few good men?
Jul 10 From badly-run, Sulpicio Lines now borders on madly-run
Jul 08 Sea tragedy attracts the vultures, blue or otherwise
Jul 06 Who is the real Christian — Bishop Gabby Reyes or GK’s Tony Meloto?
Jul 03 Tribute to a good man, an unforgettable character
Jul 01 How to reduce or escalate disaster damage
Jun 2008 
Jun 29 The tangled relationship of Juan de la Cruz and Uncle Sam
Jun 26 Joker Arroyo’s rejoinder
Jun 24 Erap’s comeback dream will be our national nightmare
Jun 22 The Black Eyed Peas: A message to the Filipinos – UNITE!
Jun 19 Why Gloria’s dole outs are doomed to fail
Jun 17 Joker Arroyo must be in agony
Jun 15 Does the Catholic Church recognize its greater crisis?
Jun 12 A worrisome suicidal tendency
Jun 10 McCain’s game plan: Paint Obama as Neville Chamberlain
Jun 08 A true-to-life Good Samaritan story
Jun 05 A suspicious sudden concern for the Filipino
Jun 03 Does Mikey Arroyo fancy himself the ‘Godfather’?
Jun 01 How the modern Pharisees erode the Church
May 2008 
May 29 Doesn’t the SEC act in Meralco remind you of the Comelec?
May 27 The Filipino remains clueless
May 25 Defending an indefensible position
May 22 What’s wrong with a Justice Secretary favoring shoot-to-kill orders for the Cabuyao bank massacre suspects?
May 20 Why Danding Cojuangco should start worrying
May 18 To steal or not to steal from the devil
May 15 Government deludes itself in operating 3 TV networks
May 13 Meralco customers are better off with the devil they know
May 11 The spin doctors of history and the Bible
May 08 Sinophobia — imagined or real?
May 06 Updates on the Pharisees, GK and CFC
May 04 DOH chief Francisco Duque bears the 3 signs of incompetence
May 01 Cheap shot from the House on the Cheap Meds bill
Apr 2008 
Apr 29 How the new Pharisees undermine the Roman Catholic Church
Apr 27 Tony Meloto’s sanctification
Apr 24 The Family Access Card could exacerbate the food crisis
Apr 22 GMA’s ‘Himmler’ (and ‘Goebbels’) talks about 2010
Apr 20 GMA’s biggest dos and don’ts in this food crisis
Apr 17 The underrated kamote can save our country
Apr 15 The food crisis is an excellent opportunity for reform
Apr 13 An Angel’s lament: ‘Do we have hope?’
Apr 10 If mimicking is criminalized, then it’s time to migrate
Apr 08 Charlton Heston: Icon of our good ole days
Apr 06 How dirty is Gloria’s dirty tricks department?
Apr 03 Why we’re retrograding instead of advancing
Apr 01 Does San Beda College now suffer from its proximity to evil?
Mar 2008 
Mar 30 Fond Cory moments
Mar 27 Are AFP officers being taught 12 units of cowardice at the PMA?
Mar 25 How media hinder Filipino unity
Mar 23 A true to life Easter miracle story
Mar 20 Why God allows evil
Mar 18 Janina San Miguel critics demonstrated our damaged culture
Mar 16 Can Filipinos recognize their savior?
Mar 13 Political strain is now affecting the PNP
Mar 11 Why were former MNLF fighters deployed in Malacañang?
Mar 09 Who is stopping the Filipino?
Mar 06 A deeply deluded Opposition
Mar 04 Has GMA properly assessed her options?
Mar 02 GMA may have committed treason
Feb 2008 
Feb 28 4 fallacies that will get us nowhere
Feb 26 Fear is the perpetrator of evil rulers
Feb 24 Fallen EDSA icon
Feb 21 A look into the heart and soul of Jun Lozada
Feb 19 Scrutinizing Jun Lozada
Feb 17 The Lozada crisis: Diversion follows the failed cover-up
Feb 14 The Filipino nation rediscovers its brave heart
Feb 12 Sec. Toting Bunye’s exchange with fellow Blue Eagles
Feb 10 Is Jun Lozada the bearer of God’s truth or the devil’s lie?
Feb 07 What makes Congress stink?
Feb 05 What makes a Blue Eagle turn into a Blue Chicken?
Feb 03 Why didn’t the generic drugs mafia consult the doctors?
Jan 2008 
Jan 31 How they almost succeeded in selling us the big lie
Jan 29 How to legally kill Filipinos and profit from it
Jan 27 Meet your new, legalized big-time neighborhood drug pusher
Jan 24 Trust your doctor, not your congressman, when it comes to your health
Jan 22 Cheap talk about medicines
Jan 20 Hospital blues
Jan 17 The vices of democracy
Jan 15 The virtues of democracy
Jan 13 Why we can’t expect salvation in 2010
Jan 10 Horse manure
Jan 08 Why is the GMA regime talking about destabilization?
Jan 07 British tour promoter is gung-ho on Filipino cuisine
Jan 01 A great hope emerges for 2008
Dec 2007 
Dec 30 Will you buy a brand without a real product?
Dec 27 How to understand the raging media wars
Dec 25 Two different Filipino Christmas experiences
Dec 23 How GMA walk disputes GMA talk
Dec 20 How to legalize the GMA regime's political murders
Dec 18 Senate: It's the PNP and Herr Puno (not media) who violated the law
Dec 16 Edu vs Bong and how the Senate President lost points
Dec 13 The inconvenient truth about 'convenient documents'
Dec 11 Milking bulls: Only in the Philippines
Dec 09 Have we seen the end of Trillanes?
Dec 06 It's time the pen declared all out war against the sword
Dec 04 How GMA can prevent future adventurism
Dec 02 Tony Meloto 'speaks out' against his detractors
Nov 2007 
Nov 29 Maybe, Lito Atienza should just join Kampi
Nov 27 Understanding government grand conspiracies
Nov 25 Food, glorious Filipino food as tourism promoter
Nov 22 Did Eddie Ermita really do Gerry Salapuddin a favor?
Nov 20 It's all about credibility, stupid!
Nov 18 The plummeting superpower and its dollar
Nov 15 Anatomy of two young suicides
Nov 13 A great Philippine tragedy
Nov 11 How we get the news we don't deserve
Nov 08 How Erap missed his moment of greatness
Nov 06 GMA unwittingly exposed their hypocrisy
Nov 04 GMA's pardon bears the '666' mark of the Beast
Nov 01 The spirits of Glorietta 2's dead seek justice and the truth
Oct 2007 
Oct 30 Why many Filipinos can't save themselves
Oct 28 GMA's ultimate betrayal
Oct 25 A grieving mother rejects GMA's money
Oct 23 A short list of Glorietta 2 suspects
Oct 21 A superpower could be behind the Glorietta blast
Oct 18 Believe it or not: JDV now calls for a moral revolution!
Oct 16 The $500 million 'Desperate Housewives' damage suit: Is it for Filipino pride or greed?
Oct 14 Impeach me, shameless me: Desperate moves of a 'Desperate Housewife'
Oct 11 A 'Desperate Housewife' stirs desperate Filipinos
Oct 09 Having half a brain and too much tongue can be politically fatal
Oct 07 Blue Eagle woes
Oct 04 Vintage GMA dishes bovine ordure at the UN
Oct 02 Will a resigned Abalos do a Chavit?
Sep 2007 
Sep 30 Overacting and under acting at the ZTE Senate hearing
Sep 25 The psychology of GMA's pardon
Sep 23 The Gloria Macapagal Arroyo regime strikes back
Sep 20 Why is ZTE now seeking an exit from the NBN deal?
Sep 18 Gloria and Erap bring out the worst in Filipinos
Sep 16 The historic impact of the Estrada conviction
Sep 13 Manila RTC dismisses FG libel suit
Sep 11 Questions the Filipino people are asking
Sep 09 A true-to-life lost and found family story
Sep 06 The population control fallacy was debunked 35 years ago
Sep 04 Splitting 'Couples'
Sep 02 What's in it for the US in an independent Moroland?
Aug 2007 
Aug 30 Is another military incident in the offing?
Aug 28 Garci haunts and the Arroyo regime panics
Aug 26 Gordon’s insights should enlighten our war mongers
Aug 21 Two big unsolved Philippine murders
Aug 19 Who is the US supporting in the Mindanao War?
Aug 16 Notable reactions: The fallacy of population control
Aug 14 Government TV: The unchecked big anomaly
Aug 09 Why don't we emulate our finest National Hero?
Aug 07 The Marcos hidden assets are surfacing
Aug 05 Who has the right to life?
Aug 02 Remembering a great Filipino
Jul 2007 
Jul 31 The 2010 presidential fight gets uglier
Jul 29 Who can really solve our poverty problem
Jul 26 More bovine ordure, this time from Edu Manzano
Jul 24 Lacson: 'Spoiler' or Opposition?
Jul 22 Why we're suckers for a civil war
Jul 19 We can't afford the cost of an all-out war
Jul 17 Dangerous reprisal hysteria from the Basilan encounter
Jul 15 A meeting arranged in heaven
Jul 12 Whose cause gained from the Erap 'guilty or not guilty' ad?
Jul 10 How come Abalos and company can't see this?
Jul 08 Understanding treachery in the Senate power play
Jul 05 The NBA sets the example on how to follow the rules
Jul 03 Migz Zubiri and the Maguindanao bovine ordure
Jul 01 Values or system change: Which comes first?
Jun 2007 
Jun 28 Can bovine ordure save the Arroyo economy?
Jun 24 Reaching the Filipino's 'Paraiso'
Jun 21 Esperon should stop promoting Trillanes
Jun 19 An Erap 2010 comeback is now being floated
Jun 17 Why are Filipinos killing each other?
Jun 14 How reliable is the Chair Wrecker’s election crystal ball?
Jun 12 The English language as Pinoy psychological crutch
Jun 10 English, yes, but not as medium of instruction
Jun 07 How GMA can provide for her graceful exit
Jun 05 Top GO Senator already plays footsie with GMA
Jun 03 How Darlene side-stepped then kayoed Pacman
May 2007 
May 31 How to clean up the usual cheating hot spots
May 29 Few cheating hot spots shouldn’t reverse the national vote
May 27 Two big lessons from Fr. Ed Panlilio’s victory
May 24 Inanimal, not inhuman, is the proper term
May 22 The wind of change starts to blow
May 20 Meet Adel Tamano’s secret (and best) promoter
May 17 Who’s afraid of quick counts and exit polls?
May 15 People we must now feel sorry for
May 13 Already our dirtiest election and we haven’t even voted yet
May 10 Is there really a Mike Velarde vote factor?
May 08 Joker and Teddyboy react and Gloria panics
May 06 Major upsets, tremors and a climate of insanity
May 03 What are our youth really thinking?
May 03 What are our youth really thinking?
May 01 Two of the few good men and women
Apr 2007 
Apr 29 Know how they will cheat
Apr 26 Pacquiao as traditional politician
Apr 24 Gloria must now consider her egress scenario
Apr 22 Know Arroyo’s weapons of mass deception
Apr 19 Why do they bellyache about surveys?
Apr 17 Public distrust and how it impacts
Apr 15 Mike’s Easter experience
Apr 10 The altered election prognosis
Apr 08 SWS Easter shocker: Opposition winning local races!
Apr 05 If only our sinful politicians could be like Judas
Apr 03 Arroyo should listen to the mothers of Parola
Apr 01 FVR: Metro troop deployment uncalled for and unjustified
Mar 2007 
Mar 29 Why Filipinos think the Arroyo regime will cheat
Mar 27 Boom barat barat
Mar 25 We have our own ‘300 Spartans’
Mar 22 Why troops were deployed in Metro Manila
Mar 20 Abalos: A case of offense as best defense?
Mar 18 There is hope after all
Mar 15 What if the Reds resort to terrorism?
Mar 13 GO must redirect its strategy – fast!
Mar 11 What was Gen. Esperon thinking?
Mar 08 Beware of GMA promoters hosting the debates
Mar 06 Campaign buzz: Disunity in TEAM UNITY while GO stops
Mar 04 How to stop showbiztocracy and promote real democracy
Feb 2007 
Feb 27 Blood on GMA’s hands
Feb 25 A faithful legacy of EDSA
Feb 25 EDSA: Our greatest triumph and tragedy as a people
Feb 22 How they insult us!
Feb 20 Hallmark of a dirty, vindictive regime
Feb 18 GMA’s real game plan: Forget the Senate but win 90% of the House
Feb 15 Gloria needs 3 more Garcis to win 4 Senate seats
Feb 13 Erap scores a big one against Gloria
Feb 11 What was Lito Lapid thinking?
Feb 08 Priceless values from home and loving hearts
Feb 06 Aren’t Goma, Pacman violating the SPIRIT of the law?
Feb 04 We must overhaul our values before we can move forward
Feb 01 Turmoil in both administration and opposition camps
Jan 2007 
Jan 30 Mike Arroyo’s big problem isn’t Alan Cayetano
Jan 28 A Pinoy guide to US rhetoric and realpolitik
Jan 25 Filipinos need a Robert Burns
Jan 23 Herr Himmler is alive and at the DILG!
Jan 21 Why are they afraid of the third force?
Jan 18 Arroyo and Erap show our political bankruptcy
Jan 16 What we can do about global warming
Jan 14 Korina’s ‘The inconvenient truth’
Jan 11 When addition becomes subtraction
Jan 09 Winning lessons for the opposition
Jan 07 Can Manny Pacquiao be a real hero?
Jan 04 Is there an alternative to oligarchy and showbiztocracy?
Jan 03 Know your future under showbiztocracy
Jan 02 Saddam Hussein: Black mark of the Bush father and son regimes
Dec 2006 
Dec 31 The 7 most frequently asked political questions for 2007
Dec 28 James Bond as secret propaganda agent
Dec 24 You can separate Church from State but not Christ from politics
Dec 21 Iraq War: Another defeat on the record of the US soldier
Dec 19 Portrait of a regime in panic
Dec 17 Journalists, columnists, publicists in the era of Harlot Politics
Dec 14 Exposed: Arroyo's greatest threat
Dec 10 Cons Ass is dead, Con Asses in disarray
Dec 07 Where do they get their Con Ass arrogance?
Dec 05 Billy Esposo, heavyweight, is back
Dec 05 The chair wrecker is back!

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