Why's the Left always in a squatter war zone?
AS I WRECK THIS CHAIR By William M. Esposo
The Philippine Star 2012-05-01
If you’re wearily accustomed to the manipulations of the Left and their front organizations — you’ll notice that they’re immediately in the ‘war zone’ of engagements between the authorities and land squatters who don’t want to respect the issuance of a court order to return the property to its rightful owner.

The April 23 ‘battle’ at the Silverio Compound in Paranaque, where one male person died from a bullet wound, became a feasting ground for the Left. Per A-1 intelligence sources, the Leftists are quickly inside a squatter ‘war zone’ because, to begin with, they were there to help plan and incite the affected squatters to resist the authorities.

Our Human Rights Chairman, Etta Rosales, looked pathetic when she immediately sided with the squatters and condemned the police. Don’t cops risking their lives and health also deserve human rights when they’re merely implementing court orders? Don’t property owners have rights too, like being able to benefit from their property? Why is the Chairperson on Human Rights overly protective of the rights of squatters — the very people who broke the law in the first place?

We have here a classic case. On one side are squatters sitting on prime land, depriving its owners of their right to benefit from their property. On the other side are property owners who can only rely on the courts and the authorities to retrieve their squatted property. For the Left, this is the perfect equation for promoting their ideology and class war. Etta Rosales has no business siding with the Left and lawbreakers — the squatters — and castigating cops who were merely implementing a court order.

When she sides with the Left and the squatters, Rosales is ruining the very foundation upon which law and order in society was established — the respect for private property. When she sides with the Left and the squatters, Rosales creates problems for President Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy), such as an unnecessary conflict between her CHR (Commission on Human Rights) and the police. When she sides with the Left and the squatters, Rosales enhances the big lie being spread by P-Noy government destabilizers — that P-Noy is a Socialist at heart, a false charge designed to promote disillusionment in the military about their Commander in Chief.

Rosales should understand that she couldn’t promote respect for human rights by violating the very foundation upon which the concept of society was built, the mutual respect for private property. No doubt that you’ve seen on the television newscasts just how ridiculous the demands of those squatters were. They refuse to cede prime real estate where they’ve squatted for years, land that they cannot afford to pay if given the option to buy. When they’re finally being evicted, they demand that they be given new houses in preferred areas that would put them in a better housing location compared to lower middle class homeowners.

Lower middle class new households now sprout in areas once considered as part of the provinces — Bulacan, Rizal and Cavite. This is because these locations are what the lower middle class new homeowners can afford. Many of the relocation sites for evicted squatters are within the distance to Metro Manila as those new houses for lower middle class families. How come these are unacceptable to people who cannot even afford to pay for the real estate?

At the core of this mentality is the perfect poaching ground for promoting the climate of class war that the Left has been seeking to propagate here. The Left is effectively promoting blatant disregard for the rule of law and basic respect for another person’s property. This then makes it easier for them to promote the revolutionary conditions that can put them in power.
Every responsible member of society should resist this manipulation of the Left. Filipinos have wisely rejected the Leftist dogma — even before the biggest promoters of this dogma, which are Russia and China, have reverted to capitalism. Just look at how the Left was desperately trying to link the Silverio Compound violent dispersal to P-Noy, making it appear that P-Noy has a personal gain in the Silverio property.

Squatters are easy prey for the Left. In their desperate conditions they’ll grab anything that suggests relief. A hungry family that’s about to lose its home can easily be provoked to fight. By siding with the Left and the squatters, Etta Rosales became an unwitting tool for promoting anarchy, which happens when the respect for personal property is lost.

Your Chair Wrecker has long been an advocate for the Gawad Kalinga and the Focolare’s Bukas Palad nation and community building endeavors. There’s no arguing that the haves of society, for their own safety’s sake, should undertake to improve the living conditions of our have-nots. It’s self-protecting as well as a ticket to paradise for following the Jesus Christ commandment that whatsoever we do to the least of our brethren, we do unto Him.

The great value in the Gawad Kalinga and Focolare community development undertakings is that the landowner exercises in freedom his generosity and does so out of goodwill. Whereas they’re simply being coerced to cede their property in the case of squatter problems. Coercion inevitably invites violent reprisal.

Shakespeare: “Madness in great ones must never unwatched go.”

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