Filipino Quislings encourage Chinese bullying
AS I WRECK THIS CHAIR By William M. Esposo
The Philippine Star 2012-05-17
The term “Quisling” — now evolved to mean traitor — takes its roots from a Norwegian politician, Vidkun Quisling, who openly advocated for Nazi occupation of Norway after his ascension to power in February 1942.

In our current row with China, several Quislings in our midst have been exposed. Many of them are likely unwitting Quislings — meaning that they’re promoting Chinese interest to the detriment of ours without intending to do so. You can spot these Quislings all over mainstream and social media. They represent several counterproductive mindsets.

Some are jeopardizing our national interest because they simply happen to be P-Noy (President Noynoy Aquino) haters and they see in this row over Panatag Shoal an opportunity to bash the president that they failed to defeat in the 2010 elections. At a time when all Filipinos should be rallying behind their president, they would rather encourage Chinese aggression by demonstrating our disunity.

One P-Noy hater even gloated that the US, our principal backer, is not even involved in UNCLOS. So what! Others were moaning the loss of Chinese tourists and trade. So what! Do we surrender Philippine sovereignty for tourists and trade?

The US has no legal right to interfere in the China-Philippine row over Panatag Shoal but their commitments under the Philippine-US Mutual Defense Treaty obligates them to support our country when and if China attacks us. US backing is not a matter of whether the US is involved in UNCLOS or not but a matter of US geopolitical objectives, US national interests and maintaining US strategic military supremacy in the region and in the South China Sea.

In a looming US-China conflict that your Chair Wrecker has been writing about for over five years now, American strategic military supremacy requires US presence in the Philippines - the best choke point for controlling sea traffic in the South China Sea, which is one of China’s prime supply routes. There is also the oil and gas in the South China Sea that becomes crucial in a world fast running low on energy.

Both sides have projected this US-China developing conflict years ago. Wars between superpowers don’t develop overnight. They may be triggered by an event like the assassination of the Austrian Archduke that led to World War I — but there would have been no conflict if both sides didn’t plant the seeds for a future war. The overzealous American interest in Mindanao was perceived by China as preparation for a US-China conflict. It’s natural for China to be suspicious of US moves in Mindanao, a Xenophobia that emerged in the Chinese psyche after their harrowing national trauma that started with the 1900 Boxer Rebellion.

Some Quislings are berating the Aquino administration for distancing the government from the globally staged protest actions last week in front of various Chinese embassies. Either the product of a badly informed mind or judgment clouded by hate for P-Noy — these Quislings would have us risk providing China the leverage for claiming that we exacerbated the conflict by sponsoring the rallies. The Aquino government was simply being consistent that it will approach this problem with a diplomatic, if not a legal, solution. The government cannot prevent Filipinos from exercising their right to express their sentiments.

These Quislings cum armchair generals even have the temerity to suggest our foreign policy and military policy in dealing with China. Without US support, we have no military option. Vietnam, a country that defeated the US, saw the need to realign with their former enemy in protecting Vietnam’s claim in the oil and gas rich Spratly Islands. By consistently maintaining a non-aggressive posture, the Philippine government reinforces its position in the community of nations.

We’re pursuing a course of action - diplomacy or an international court of law — where we have a fighting chance. We’re avoiding situations that can provoke China to take custody by brute force of the claimed Panatag Shoal. If agent provocateurs infiltrate these protest rallies against China, leading it to a bloody outcome or inflicting severe damage to Chinese property — China would have gained a pretext for using their military option. Sadly, our pathetic Quislings never thought of these complications. They just want to express their spite for P-Noy.

The South China Morning Post had announced that we impressed the world by standing up to China. Instead of appreciating what our president is doing and giving our leader their full support — these Quislings resort to acts that endanger Filipino interests. During a time when the highest level of patriotism is demanded from every Filipino, we have these Quislings who would rather promote, wittingly or unwittingly, Chinese interests.

In a time of national crisis, we should expect our media editors to exercise better judgment when selecting stories for publication or airing (in the case of broadcast media). Media should be able to screen those inane ventilations of hate against the president that only worsen our country’s position in this row with China.

This row with China should be kept above the level of political maneuverings. Whether we love or hate P-Noy — he’s our president and common sense dictates that we support our president with our unity.

Shakespeare: “Madness in great ones must not unwatched go.”

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