Can bovine ordure save the Arroyo economy?
AS I WRECK THIS CHAIR By William M. Esposo
The Philippine Star 2007-06-28
The Arroyo regime is sitting on a goldmine of a natural resource that could yet save our tottering economy. It is an organic substance, a key ingredient in organic fertilizer known as ‘bovine odure’ to the scientific community.

Bovine odure is a polite term for plain and simple bull shit. In our hypocritical society, polite terms must be used. To make my point clearer, try using Filipino to advertise a brand of feminine wash, or even just translating the phrase “you’ll love this efficient vaginal hygiene wash” and you’ll surely be charged with vulgar and obscene behavior.

You can harvest your own bovine odure from Arroyo appointees in their more recent rigmaroles.

Comelec (Commission on Elections) Commissioner Rene Sarmiento has proposed an investigation into the Garci Tapes controversy purportedly to redeem the good image of the poll body whose reputation had been marred by the mismanagement of the 2004 and 2007 elections.

Sarmiento’s suggestion sounds good at face value, for indeed, isn’t this what the whole nation had been demanding? However, on closer scrutiny, the proposal seems out of whack when seen in the context of the crying issues that demand immediate resolution today.

From where I sit — wrecking another chair — I even wonder if the proposal is not a wild card, a monkey wrench being thrown to the public to divert attention from the unsettled issues of the 2007 elections.

Does Sarmiento really think that an honest-to-goodness probe by the same people associated one way or another with suspects behind the Garci scandal in 2004 make it possible to establish wrongdoing? Just how far can such a probe go with Ben Abalos still Comelec Chairman?

A Garci probe being conducted by the Senate or the Supreme Court — the only two institutions that are still functioning according to their mandate ‑ will be credible. But not a Garci probe by an institution that is managed by the very suspects in the cheating conspiracy.

A Comelec probing Garci is a fishy proposition, a ridiculous waste of taxpayers’ money and a dangerous diversion from important ongoing issues where evidence gathering at this time is most crucial.

The foreign poll observers reported that much the mess that occurred during the 2007 elections was due to “planned mismanagement” by the Comelec. Maguindanao’s Lintang Bedol and his now-you-see-him, now-you-don’t acts and disappearing documents caper is best proof of that.

How come Commissioner Rene Sarmiento never denounced Lintang Bedol?

This Maguindanao controversy goes on during Rene Sarmiento’s watch. In Garci, he was not yet in the Comelec. So, why the focus on a dead horse like Garci when there is a highly suspicious race now being run in Maguindanao and there is a hot trail with many witnesses to corroborate that cheating had taken place?

Musa Dimasidsing died protecting the integrity of the 2007 vote in Muslim Mindanao. When Rene Sarmiento was assigned the Commissioner-in-Charge of the Special Elections in Muslim Mindanao, he left his post, claiming to be indisposed. And yet, as many in media have observed, Sarmiento looked very much in good health when he surfaced in Manila two days later.

Another case of bovine odure is Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez announcing the dropping of coup charges against Senator-elect Gringo Honasan, describing the evidence against Honasan as weak and unsubstantiated. One wonders why those charges were filed in the first place if those charges were weak and unsubstantiated.

However, State Prosecutors under Gonzalez questioned that decision — indicating that they believed they had a strong case against Honasan.

Obviously, the decision to file and drop those charges was not really founded on evidence but on political affiliation. Who will doubt where Honasan is now politically affiliated?

In the Arroyo regime, prove yourself to be a threat and the Justice Department will find a suitable charge to file against you. Ally yourself with the regime and you’ll be declared lily white even if plunder or murder is written all over you face.

Who in his right mind will issue a permit to a Korean firm to establish a resort spa in the very vicinity of a very active volcano? Bovine odure — I’m sure you will agree. But that is exactly what the DENR (Department of the Environment and Natural Resources) just did.

Another case of bovine odure is the MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority) issuing guidelines banning demonstrations, rallies and marches on Metro streets sans MMDA permits. A former MMDA Chairman himself, Makati Mayor Jojo Binay has assailed the order as illegal because issuing permits to demos, rallies and marches is the sole prerogative of Metro Manila mayors.

Obviously, the regime is attempting to pre-empt an expected rise in protest rallies and marches with the election of Opposition mayors in cities like Manila for instance where Malacanang Palace is located.

The most prolific producer of bovine odure is of course Madame Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Her appointees wallow and wade in the muck and mess that come forth in the course of implementing her repressive and oppressive decrees.

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