Joker and Teddyboy react and Gloria panics
AS I WRECK THIS CHAIR By William M. Esposo
The Philippine Star 2007-05-08
"Iba ang may pinagsamahan" (There’s nothing like old bonds) is a saying that underscores a long and deeply cherished Filipino value. And it is typical of us Filipinos to abandon whatever important matter engages us for the moment in order to come to the aid of an old comrade who is suddenly threatened.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that Senator Joker Arroyo (who is running with the administration’s Team Unity (TU) Senate ticket) and Makati Representative Teddyboy Locsin (who has been generally supportive of the regime) immediately manifested their outrage and disgust over the suspension issued on Makati Mayor Jejomar "Jojo" Binay last Friday.

Joker, Teddyboy and Jojo Binay have long shared the same foxhole during the fight against the Marcos dictatorship and the series of Gringo Honasan coups during the Cory Aquino administration. In fact, it was Jojo Binay who made elected officials out of Joker and Teddyboy.

Visit from the Joker

Joker has already been quoted in media that the suspension order on Binay is ill-timed. Knowing Joker, I doubted that he will limit his reaction to that. Upon checking with my Palace Insider, I was told that Joker paid Gloria Macapagal Arroyo a visit last Saturday and I don’t think they discussed the progress of the TU Senate campaign or the weather.

My Palace Insider and another reliable source say that Joker threatened to withdraw from the TU ticket. I can believe that. In fact, I could wish it came to that. That would have been the ultimate backlash for the regime.

Teddyboy, an enraged man

Come Monday morning, Teddyboy Locsin spoke before the Makati flag raising ceremony crowd that gathered to support the beleaguered Jojo Binay. There he manifested his own reaction over the suspension order. Now those of us who know Teddyboy will attest to just how shy a person he is and how he would rather not stand before a crowd and deliver a speech.

But Monday morning was not a usual day for Teddyboy. His innate shyness had to give way to a more powerful emotion that had to be unleashed. He had to voice out his protest over what he sees as a patently underhanded tactic being applied to a friend and comrade.

I was not there to see Teddyboy speak before the Makati Monday morning crowd but having heard of what he said from Ateneo batch mate Lito Anzures, I called Teddyboy three hours later to get the quotes and the facts directly.

You’ll know that Teddyboy was greatly incensed because I’ve never seen him use as much Filipino and spew so many expletives as when I talked to him yesterday. Let me give you a sampling of what he said, as follows:

On the end of the Arroyo regime: "May oras ang lahat. Lumalapit na ang oras. (There is an end-hour for all. The end-hour is near.)"

Teddyboy sees that the 2010 presidency belongs to the Opposition. "They have Mar Roxas, Manny Villar, Loren Legarda and now even Jojo Binay — while the administration has absolutely no winner to field within its ranks," Teddyboy said.

On the alleged mastermind who instigated the Binay suspension order, Pagcor chief Ephraim Genuino: "Genuino keeps saying that Jojo Binay is insulting him. No, that’s not true — I’m the one insulting him and his children."

Teddyboy disclosed: "Even Comelec Chairman Benjamin Abalos was surprised to hear about the news that the son of Genuino was going around accompanied by a truckload of Armalite-wielding regulars of the Presidential Security Group (PSG)."

The PSG is supposed to be assigned to secure only the President and her family. "Genuino may already fancy himself as the new Commander-in-Chief. If ever — he will be the ugliest in the history of mankind," Teddyboy added.

Teddyboy confirmed what he earlier told the Makati Monday morning crowd about the PSG contingent of the Genuinos: "If they fire just one shot here, I assure you there will be a new government in 12 hours!"

Teddyboy offered good historical insights for those like Genuino who are reveling in the power of the Arroyo regime. Teddyboy said: "They may be in power but nobody stays in power forever. The day may be long but just the same, the day will definitely end. Just as the Marcoses ended up in Honolulu, those who give them power now may end up in San Francisco — while they will remain here to face the music."

Wise words from Teddyboy indeed and many would do well to reflect on it. Those in the legal system who allow themselves to be instruments of injustice for the pursuit of political ends, those in the Comelec who facilitate cheating in various forms, those in uniform who become the very ones who terrorize the people they are duty-bound to protect — they better reckon with the reality that they too will have to account with the Filipino people.

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