How dirty is Gloria’s dirty tricks department?
AS I WRECK THIS CHAIR By William M. Esposo
The Philippine Star 2008-04-06
After having survived the vile propaganda machinery of Marcos, you would think that Cory Aquino has seen the worst. But what she has to say on the current regime’s dirty tricks is most telling: “I’ve never seen viciousness like this, not even from Marcos.”

Cory had told me this in a brief conversation at a social gathering a few months after she joined the clamor for the resignation of Madame Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) following the Garci Tapes expose.

Never mind if GMA was installed president on the insistence of Cory and the late Jaime Cardinal Sin to follow the Constitution, Cory could not believe just how vicious she and her family had been under attack ever since she advised GMA to resign to save the country.

We would have expected Cory to have been deeply hurt by the lies and insults hurled at her by Dictator Ferdinand Marcos and his lackeys when the Opposition rallied around her after the death of Ninoy. It is but natural to expect a neophyte in politics to be touchier when subjected to the enormous arsenal of the Marcos black propaganda machinery.

She has gone through six very difficult and trying years as president — with six coup attempts within that time span. In short, Cory would have been inured to the dirty tricks and wicked ways of Philippine politics.

And yet, nothing that she’d been through could toughen her against feeling hurt over the lowbred, wicked attacks against her person and her family coming from GMA’s dirty tricks specialists after she asked GMA to resign in July 2005.

I restrained myself from asking her for details. The media person in me craved to know the gory details. But the Christian gentleman in me prevailed. I decided to spare this fine lady from further hurt by not making her recount what the minions of GMA peddled.

Shortly thereafter, a lunch was hosted at the Hyatt Hotel along Roxas Boulevard by Ed Samaniego, a patriot who fought Marcos and remains militant against evil regimes. Also invited was Ramon “Jun” Magsaysay, then still a senator.

Amid the banter and camaraderie, Ed and I wanted to know more about the Joc Joc Bolante fertilizer scam which was being investigated by Jun’s agriculture committee.

I suggested to Jun that he ought to pursue the case more vigorously and generate greater public awareness as that would encourage more whistle-blowers to surface with their damning revelations.

We know from experience that whistleblowers become emboldened to tell their story when the public gets intensely involved in an issue. Public apathy discourages potential whistleblowers from doing the patriotic thing.

Jun said that he did not wish to incite more turbulence for fear of what the regime will resort to. Jun specifically cited the capability of the dirty tricks department of the GMA regime. Jun dreaded what could happen to him and his reputation when the evil regime strikes back.

Now, Jun Magsaysay is one public official who has come and gone without any scandal hounding him, personal or official. For a man with no murders or acts of plunder to cover-up — you can just imagine the destructive and terrorizing capability of the GMA regime to scare such a good and clean living man.

This makes us empathize with what ‘Probinsyanong Intsik’ Jun Lozada must be going through these days. Jun continues to be the target of the GMA regime’s demolition team which even includes co-opted members of the religious community.

Only vile minds and condemned souls will resort to the type of relentless assault on a person, all being done for the sake of covering up evil. Thus, it shocks many of us that members of the religious have allowed themselves to be witting or unwitting instruments of this on-going and most un-Christian demolition of a man who told the truth.

In an interview with Jun last Tuesday, he told me: “Government propagandists are alarmed with the kind of warm reception I am having from the young people and they are immediately countering with all sorts of black propaganda that I am now on the political campaign trail for 2010. And to my surprise many people did actually buy this propaganda until they spoke with me and realized that they were fooled once again by the sorcerer of the administration.”

Jun recounted how the regime planted agitators in the audience wherever he went. One of them was even caught on camera and shown on ABS-CBN TV Patrol.

We all heard about Cerge Remonde’s trip to Cebu to enlist Cardinal Vidal’s collaboration to diffuse the impact of Jun Lozada’s visit. This did not surprise us at all considering that the Cebu Cardinal had also gone out of his way to help the Estrada regime.

It does not take a genius to see how the known GMA regime media hacks have taken up the themes that are being played by the operators of the dirty tricks department that’s reportedly headed by a former CIA asset. This information was told to me by an Ateneo batch mate who also admits to have worked and has retired from the CIA.

When the theme is “Lozada is a Ping Lacson tool for demolishing GMA” or “Lozada is a sinner and can’t be telling the truth” or “Lozada is using the NBN scandal as a springboard to becoming president” — expect the regime’s media hacks to pick up the theme for the week and play it up with gusto.

Ooohh… you can almost hear the cash registers ringing!

The evil regime and their operators prey on the Filipino’s tendency to behave like the Jerusalem mob that welcomed the Christ with palm on a Sunday and then crucified the same Christ on the next Friday.

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