The Filipino remains clueless
AS I WRECK THIS CHAIR By William M. Esposo
The Philippine Star 2008-05-27
If you cannot even identify your rapist, then you have no case at all and may well be raped again by the same assailant. Such is the rape case of the Filipino nation.

Luckily, a patriot named Professor Emmanuel Q. Yap, now in his 70s, has witnessed how our country was raped by our past colonizers and current neo-colonizers.

Adviser to Presidents Jose P. Laurel, Carlos P. Garcia, Diosdado Macapagal and Ferdinand Marcos, Prof. Manoling Yap was instrumental in opening Philippine relations with China , Russia and the other former Eastern European Communist States . He was personally present during the Vladivostok Accord that dismantled the Cold War.

The following article that Prof. Manoling Yap gave me for STAR readers was written and published in 1989, right after the Cold War was dismantled.

Caught in turning wheel
(For country’s sake)
By Emmanuel Q. Yap

“Keeping cordial relations with foreign friends who want to be helpful is a humane and civilized act, therefore, desirable; provided the relationship is based on mutual respect.

But uncritical or blind dependence on foreign advice, no matter how well-meaning, can be counterproductive. In the end it could only destroy friendship or lead to enmity.

Take, for instance, a case where your foreign friend tells you that in the interest of your country you must fight the Soviets and other Communists in every way and with everything you have got because they are evil, worse than the devil himself, that it is better to be dead than Red, that you must fight them because they are out to destroy what he calls the Judeo-Greco-Roman Christian heritage.

For years he has been giving you this advice and for some strange consideration you follow him with animal loyalty and perform your political act along his anti-Soviet line.

He has convinced you that to defeat the Soviets and its allies, like the emaciated and rice-eating Vietnamese, we have to resort eventually to the use of nuclear weapons against them. He gives you all the details on how to prosecute limited or universal nuclear warfare in a scenario that he and his colleagues have carefully and beautifully articulated in “strategic” jargon.

If at first you doubted the wisdom of using nuclear weapons, he has healed your doubt with his argument that if we all die in a nuclear war, this would be only in fulfillment of the Armageddon in God’s Revelations. So now you are also spiritually prepared to perish in a nuclear holocaust because you want to go to heaven.

Your foreign adviser tells you that any person who disagrees with his advice must be immoral, a dangerous leftist or fellow traveler, or a downright Marxist-Leninist or Communists; therefore, he must be marginalized, demobilized or liquidated with extreme prejudice. And you accept and adopt his line.

You now turn against your own long-time friends and own people who do not act, think and talk the same way as your foreign friend. Since he has convinced you that nationalists and patriots are often allied with Communists and Socialists, you now regard every nationalist and everybody fighting for national independence as security risks and evil. You now also begin to believe that Rizal, Mabini, Bonifacio and other Filipino revolutionaries must have been moles of the Communists.

You are told that there are special economic models designed to resist Communist expansion. Now you want to follow only the Taiwan , Singapore , Hong Kong , Japan or South Korea model. If you get to be sophisticated along this line of politico-economic logic, you might want to mix all these models together and make the combination tastier with some Italian models.

You come to a point that you cannot believe anymore that your own people can develop their own national economy with their own thinking and experience, because you are already set in your mind that Filipinos are stupid and very gullible to communist propaganda. In fact, they should all be suspect.

Your mind is also now preoccupied with searching for Communists, pro-Communists, Socialists or Nationalists; because you are told that they can be everywhere, including places like your closet, your drawer or under your bed.

In short, you have cast your entire life with the dictates, arguments and scenarios of the political, social, economic and military doctrines of the Cold War.

Then, as it often happens in the long history of human civilization, the relationships of nations take radical turns. The Soviets, the Chinese and the Americans become good friends and partners. They de-ideologize their relationships, cooperate in ending regional conflicts, and work together in de-ideologizing international relations.

Your foreign advisers disappear because he has become by force of powerful circumstance irrelevant in the new mood of the world. And because you have followed him with great devotion and admiration you also become irrelevant before you even reach your political ambitions.

You are caught in a political turning wheel, and you now think you have been misled by our friend and, because of this you now regard him as your real enemy all along.”

To this day, those who lead the country continue to rape and pimp the Filipino nation.

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