The DIM MAK Code to the GMA-Obama meeting
AS I WRECK THIS CHAIR By William M. Esposo
The Philippine Star 2009-07-30

It may not win the coveted Pulitzer Prize for literature although that is not to say that it’s badly written. But for anyone who wants a preview to the looming US-China armed conflict, especially Filipinos who will find themselves on Ground Zero in that war, it is a MUST READ.

This is “America’s Dim Mak Points” which is the latest book of Brigadier General (Ret.), former chief of Intelligence and former rebel Victor N. Corpus. It will be formally launched at 6 p.m. today in Powerbooks at Greenbelt 4, Makati City. The book is based on factual weaponry of the projected combatants and was prepared with the assistance of Vic’s son, Victor Camilo.

What is DIM MAK? This is how Vic Corpus described it: “DIM MAK is a form of martial art which literally means “meridian press.”
Meridians are energy channels in the human body through which “chi” or vital life forces flow.”

When 36 of the points within these meridians are struck, death can be caused. Vic used DIM MAK within a geopolitical context — how “China can be likened to the weaker fighter that uses deep understanding of her adversary’s anatomical vulnerabilities to bring a much stronger belligerent nation like the United States of America to her knees with minimum effort.”

Vic outlined the eight DIM MAK points where China can bring the US to its knees — vulnerability to electro-information attack, dependency on foreign oil, US dollar vulnerability, diplomatic isolation, geographical military handicap (why the Philippines became Ground Zero), asymmetric vulnerability, satellite-based military command and control and aircraft carrier battle groups.

These vulnerabilities have been heightened by the economic downturn in the US and the West.
Alone, China, Russia and Iran are no match against the US. But now that these three countries and their armed forces have struck an alliance — something your Chair Wrecker wrote about before — these DIM MAK points are easily operable.

These DIM MAK points prove once again that the next war is planned to make the tactics and weaponry of the last war obsolete. World War I proved that the mighty Russian Tsar’s army was obsolete. World War II proved that the battleship, French Maginot Line and the Philippine Corregidor Fortress were obsolete.

World War III, as a US war versus the China-Russia-Iran alliance will be, will prove that the aircraft carrier is obsolete in the age of missile and hi-tech warfare.

The Geographical Military Handicap DIM MAK point and the Dependency on Foreign Oil DIM MAK point made the Philippines — specifically the BJE (Bangsamoro Juridical Entity) — a very vital strategic factor for the US in its preparation for the looming armed conflict with China.

In a world fast running out of its traditional energy sources, the US has its eyes on the oil and gas in the South China Sea. For military purposes, the US needs to extend its military capability from the Pacific to the South China Sea. You can log on to your Chair Wrecker’s website ( for past columns about the US interest in Mindanao.

The subject of terrorism, peace and development are the official reasons — the cover — for the Barack Obama meeting with Madame Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) in Washington. The real agenda is the US interest in Mindanao as that would figure in the rush to corner the last remaining oilfields and secure a vital military operation point for the China conflict.

Most likely, the deal had already been struck when Leon Panetta, CIA chief, recently visited Manila. The Washington smiles and handshake photo ops is mere posing for history and the consuelo de bobo for GMA.

It didn’t require too much analysis to conclude that. Just follow the timeline of events after the Leon Panetta visit. GMA suddenly got her long sought meeting with President Barack Obama. Next, GMA announced that the 2010 elections will proceed sans any hitch. Then, GMA announced a Mindanao ceasefire. Now, all of a sudden, First Gentleman Mike Arroyo is returning to the US. Even an over aged bloodhound that had lost its sense of smell can still follow that trail to where it leads.

The big question is what exactly did GMA concede and what did Obama agree to give GMA in return? Will we Filipinos be rejoicing after this deal or are we going to have to live with more years under GMA and with a dismembered republic? We will soon know the answer.

If Obama gave GMA a promise of asylum and no prosecution in the US (like what the US extended to Dictator Ferdinand Marcos in 1986) in exchange for stepping down, not dancing the Cha cha (Charter change), ensuring clean 2010 elections plus an expanded VFA that does not violate our Constitution - then we can live with that.

But if Obama agreed to allow GMA to manipulate events in order to remain in power, through Cha cha or by declaring martial law, in exchange for a BJE which violates our Constitution — then we will have very serious problems. If that is the case, then Filipinos who love their country ought to consider joining the China-Russia-Iran Alliance.

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