How your home will become ground zero in the looming US-China war
AS I WRECK THIS CHAIR By William M. Esposo
The Philippine Star 2009-08-25

The real US agenda in Mindanao which your Chair Wrecker had discussed in several previous columns is now unfolding. There is little doubt that this was the real agenda of the Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA)-Barack Obama White House meeting.

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates confirmed the retention of a 600-man elite force in the Philippines despite the need for the elite unit in Afghanistan. US Pacific Command Chief, Admiral Timothy Keating echoed the need for this elite force to remain in our country.

To conceal their real agenda, the US uses the official cover of helping Filipinos fight terrorism, train Filipino troops, promote development and so forth. Indeed, they are doing that but they’re here in order to promote their own national interests.

Mindanao had become crucial for US geopolitical objectives, especially in coping with the emerging Chinese domination of the region which the US National Intelligence Council (NIC) Global Trends 2025 Report disclosed.

If the US is to prepare for a war with China — something that they have been anticipating for the last ten years — they must extend their military capabilities from the Pacific Ocean to the South China Sea.

With US military capability in place in Muslim Mindanao and Southern Palawan, they also gain the key position to be able to corner the oil and gas in the South China Sea. With the world more dependent now on imported oil, the South China Sea’s oil and gas reserves and vital shipping lanes are matters of national security for both the US and China.

When former AFP Intelligence Chief Victor N. Corpus and author of “America’s Dim Mak points” expressed thanks and appreciation for the review and endorsement your Chair Wrecker gave his book last July 30, he also shared with me an important input regarding this looming US-China military confrontation.

Vic said in his email: “The danger of the RP-US Visiting Forces Agreement is, in the event of a major military confrontation involving the US and other principal powers in the region, the Philippines may find itself at ground zero.”

Vic added: “China has the capability of attacking any point in the Philippines that will be used as staging areas by US forces with a barrage of submarine-launched, sea-skimming, end-maneuvering, supersonic cruise missiles armed with fuel air explosives. And China will not wait for US forces that will use the Philippines as a staging area to consolidate and attack them first. Pre-emptive strikes are part and parcel of Chinese military doctrine. In all probability, China will strike first.”

“With their modern submarines, China can wipe out any US armed force that will use the Philippines as their staging area within minutes. China’s surface ships, bombers, and multi-role fighter bombers equipped with the same deadly array of cruise missiles can do likewise. Or China’s highly-accurate, land-based, mobile medium-range ballistic missiles (DF21s) can also finish the job. That is the stark reality of modern warfare in the 21st century,” Vic explained.

A few months ago, a US destroyer and a Chinese submarine almost confronted each other near our territorial waters. Such encounters could trigger the dreaded US-China war.

What should amaze you is how most Filipinos appear unconcerned about our country becoming ground zero in a US-China war. We can perhaps forgive most of our poor people for being unaware because they’re victims of the Information Gap. But what’s really unforgivable is how the better educated and better informed Filipinos, including our media, can be so fixated on so many other less consequential issues — yet remain totally unconcerned about this US-China war where our country will become ground zero.

One is led to ask — is this a case of idiocy, a failure to know the truth, or stupidity, a failure to assess national priorities? Whether it is due to idiocy or stupidity, Filipinos cannot justify this failure to recognize the grave danger to Filipino lives and Philippine territory.

With so many US projects operating in Mindanao, how come nobody ever asked the US officials just why they’re unusually interested in Mindanao? How can our media easily lose sight of the real US Mindanao agenda which will provoke China to react?

How come nobody ever probed why Americans, who couldn’t walk around freely in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq, can be operating all over Muslim Mindanao where there is a supposed threat of Islamic terrorism?

How come the curiosity our media had in the recent expensive dinners of GMA in the US is very much absent when the situation that is unfolding in Mindanao threatens to place us right in the middle of a hi-tech missile war between the US and China? Did it not occur to any of our self-proclaimed political analysts in media and the academe that if China fires nuclear missiles at the US forces here, we can easily lose half of our population?

How can a responsible media not look deeper into what the US will get from that GMA-Obama meeting and what we will lose in terms of territory, sovereignty and Filipino lives?

These things happen to a nation that never knew its real history. These things happen to a nation that still persists in regarding its rapist as its great paramour.

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