How not to be compared to a 'sphincter'
AS I WRECK THIS CHAIR By William M. Esposo
The Philippine Star 2009-09-01

Presidential Economic Spokesman Gary Olivar wrote a rejoinder to your Chair Wrecker’s August 27 column (Meet the Palace ‘sphincters’) which the STAR published last August 28.

Olivar was obviously smarting from being compared to an anal sphincter which is the drop off point of ordure. In our August 27 column, we took to task Palace mouthpieces Cerge Remonde and Olivar on several instances when they dished out what can be likened to ordure.

Olivar did not contest the issues raised. Instead, he focused on the expression of the issues. He said: “The impudence, intemperance, and incivility of your columnist are breath-taking. They do no credit either to his expensive Blue Eagle education or his much-vaunted lay Catholic advocacies.”

Olivar went on to say: “Mr. Esposo would do well to heed the President’s SONA admonition not to use bad words in public. Or, if he prefers another woman president of ours, ask himself if President Cory would have applauded his choice of language.”

Olivar had asserted that rising presidential star, Sen. Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino III, should aspire to be the 2010 president on his own merits and not simply ride on the legacy of his heroic parents. In his rejoinder, Olivar tried to downplay his assertion by saying that it was only to echo what a Cardinal said and what some of Noynoy’s own consultants might suggest too.

Only someone working for those who dread a Noynoy 2010 presidency would advise that the heroic legacy of Ninoy and Cory Aquino be separated from Noynoy. We debunked that fallacious assertion. Noynoy cannot separate himself from that legacy simply because that legacy is the very reason why he will run — to fulfill Ninoy and Cory’s mission.

Olivar resorted to calling the prose of your Chair Wrecker as an act of impudence, intemperance and incivility. It had not occurred to Olivar that if anyone is guilty of impudence, intemperance and incivility — it is the person who is tasked to distribute an evil regime’s ordure to media and the public. They are paid by taxpayers to enlighten and clarify but what they have been doing is to obfuscate and attempt to make the foulest smell good.

Impudence is bold offensive behavior and that perfectly describes the regime extravagance on lavish dinners when some people are dying of hunger here. That perfectly describes the climate of impunity that has characterized the present regime.

Per the dictionary, intemperance is the lack of temperance, the indulgence of appetite or passion. How can Olivar talk about intemperance but be blind to what is going on in our country — the limitless appetite for overprice, power and extravagance.

Olivar also talks about incivility in our prose when the perfect example of incivility is this Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) regime that’s responsible for the killing of so many journalists during its watch and for a First Gentleman that had sued many writers for libel (libel cases that were eventually dismissed or withdrawn).

One of the most respected doctors of the Makati Medical Center read that August 27 column and commended your Chair Wrecker by text: “Very well said. I totally agree with everything you wrote.” This doctor is not only highly respected for his skills but also for his kind and gentle manners.

A well-liked, successful businessman, often seen in society pages in the parties of the rich and famous, also sent a text message, something he does when he especially enjoys what your Chair Wrecker wrote. His text read: “Great article today! That is what they deserve to be called.”

Another doctor (this one writes a Health column weekly) also sent a text to say: “Fantastic column Billy! You made my day! Keep wrecking chairs! For a moment, I thought you too entered the sphere of writing a Health or Anatomy column.”

There were the usual e-mail reactions but there was not a comment that took issue with the expression. On the contrary, many were pleased that your Chair Wrecker found a most appropriate description of those who promote the Information Gap in our country.

Come to think of it, there are those who have taken issue with some positions stated in a Chair Wrecker column but there are hardly any defenders of those who perform the role of Palace mouthpieces. People who use the internet are the better informed members of our society and they know (also resent) those who attempt to lie to them or to deodorize the stench of bad governance.

Olivar doubts if the column conformed to Jesuit educational standards and the taste of Cory C. Aquino. The Jesuits encourage Blue Eagles to fight for the truth, tell it like it is and call it ordure if it is ordure. Olivar cannot presume to know what Cory would approve and disapprove. Having opted to serve the very antithesis of Cory C. Aquino, Olivar would be the least qualified to claim to know good taste.

For those who don’t want to be seen as some sort of an anal sphincter, they must simply stop distributing ordure. By itself, the anal sphincter is just another part of the anatomy. It is the ordure that makes it smelly.

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