Noynoy's impending landslide win makes rivals whistle a 'happy tune'
AS I WRECK THIS CHAIR By William M. Esposo
The Philippine Star 2009-09-15

Baby Boomers like your Chair Wrecker remember with fondness the song “I whistle a happy tune” from the movie musicale The King and I which starred Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr. These are the lyrics of that song.

“Whenever I feel afraid

I hold my head erect

And whistle a happy tune

So no one will suspect

I’m afraid.

While shivering in my shoes

I strike a careless pose

And whistle a happy tune

And no one ever knows

I’m afraid.

The result of this deception

Is very strange to tell

For when I fool the people

I fear I fool myself as well!

I whistle a happy tune

And ev’ry single time

The happiness in the tune

Convinces me that I’m not afraid.

Make believe you’re brave

And the trick will take you far.

You may be as brave

As you make believe you are.

You may be as brave

As you make believe you are.”

Ever since Senator Noynoy Aquino became the political star to beat in the 2010 presidential elections, the statements emanating from Malacanang Palace mouthpieces and Noynoy’s other rivals seem to mimic the lyrics of that song. They’re stumbling over one another like the Marx Brothers and The Three Stooges in trying to downplay what they actually fear is a political tsunami rapidly approaching them.

Who are they kidding? Any political watcher will know that these recent events, which started last August 1st when Cory C. Aquino passed away, have drastically transformed the 2010 political landscape. Even staunch administration supporter Alex Magno agrees.

Your Chair Wrecker was confidentially briefed by A-1 sources on separate surveys that were done by the Palace and SWS (privately commissioned) shortly before Noynoy announced that he will run for president. The results show Noynoy far exceeding Joseph “Erap” Estrada’s 38% 1998 landslide victory - with the closest rival not even hitting half of Noynoy’s mark.

On the evening of the day when the Cory wake was transferred from La Salle Greenhills to the Manila Cathedral, one of the top three leading presidential candidates, a Kumpadre and friend of your Chair Wrecker, called and wanted to compare notes on the seeming resurgence of Cory Magic. We agreed that the situation could develop into a game changer.

Yes! The 2010 game changed. And as expected, many of those with a moist eye for the presidency are now attempting to pooh-pooh this Noynoy phenomenon. They’re whistling a happy tune.

The administration is the most pathetic of the lot. They’re desperately trying to tell us that the gigantic wall of water that we see approaching them is merely a ripple and not a political tidal wave. More than the other rivals, the administration is the most vulnerable.

There is the GMA stench to carry. Then, the core group that founded the Lakas-CMD Party has broken away from the forced merger with GMA’s Kampi Party. The administration is not sure if their strongest bet — Vice President Noli de Castro — will join the merged parties and run for president. And even if de Castro did, his poll numbers have been going down - sans the Noynoy factor in the polls.

The administration whistling became even louder as they now tout Defense Secretary Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro as their likely standard bearer. Gibo, of course, has two chances of winning - none and nil. It has never happened here that in 8 months a candidate rose from a poll rating of 1% to win a presidential election.

Joe de Venecia had better ratings and more things going for him in 1998 yet Joe bit the dust of Joseph “Erap” Estrada, as we all know. Raul Roco was even topping the early polls for the 2004 elections - until Fernando Poe Jr. entered the race. Raul only placed fourth in that election.

What can Gibo Teodoro do or say between now and Election Day to generate excitement and rise from 1% to winner? Teodoro cannot even get the support of his powerful uncle, Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco, when ‘charity’ is supposed to begin at home. So, how can we believe that Teodoro has the necessary support base that can make him the 2010 president?

The other administration candidate — Bayani Fernando (BF) of the MMDA (Metropolitan Manila Development Authority) — is in the same fix as Teodoro. BF is also mired in the polls as a 1% candidate. Your Chair Wrecker has been separately approached by two good friends to ask me to consider BF as 2010 president. One is Gary Vazquez of Vazbuilt and the other is Aba Matute, the nephew of Mike Arroyo of “Back off” fame.

Your Chair Wrecker has a high regard for both Gibo Teodoro and BF. They do have positive attributes. However, Gibo and BF just do not muster the public support in order to become the 2010 president.

The only way Gibo or BF can win is for Jesus Christ to come down from Heaven, walk on the water and endorse either of them. That would be a very tall order. From all indications, the Noynoy phenomenon, like the Cory phenomenon, is made in Heaven.

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