A sample of the passion fueling the Noynoy phenomenon
AS I WRECK THIS CHAIR By William M. Esposo
The Philippine Star 2009-10-18

Renato “Rene” Santico worked for the government for 37 years. Rene retired in 2007 as Senior Vice President of the GSIS.

Rene composed a LETTER TO NOYNOY which he emailed your Chair Wrecker last Sunday. In a recent meeting, we personally gave Senator Noynoy Aquino a copy of Rene’s letter.

We now share Rene’s letter with you as it expresses the passion that’s fueling the Noynoy phenomenon in the 2010 presidential election (as shown in Noynoy’s 60% rating in the SWS September 18 - 21, 2009 nationwide survey).

A letter to Noynoy

By Renato Santico

October 11, 2009

Dear Noynoy:

Dr. Jose P. Rizal, in his timeless El Filibusterismo posed an eternal quest for the nation’s salvation:

Nasaan ang kabataang

Mag-aalay ng kanilang

Kasibulang buhay

Ng kanilang adhikain at sigasig

Sa kabutihan ng bansa.

Nasaan ang siyang puspusang

Magbubuhos ng Dugo

Upang hugasang lahat

Ang ating kahihiyan

Ang ating mga kalapastanganan

Ang ating kabalintuan

Your father Ninoy, in his youth, dedicated his life in the service of the nation he so loved and in his final moment, gave his life so that the nation can be spared the wickedness of a leadership which stole the freedom, the liberty of the very people you now serve. Your mother Cory, likewise dedicated her life in the service of the nation and onwards in her more senior years continued to fight for righteousness and decency in the nation’s leadership and those who would govern in their own spheres.

In death, your parents, more than at any time in their lives, inspire the nation to aspire even more for a state of moral ascendancy, dignity, and sincerity in governance and in the Filipino society’s demeanor. They continue to move the spirituality of the Filipino to seek the righteous path so sorely lost in a bureaucracy buried in the mud of immorality and disgrace.

How sadly the nation is missing the two great people who have fought for them, who stood up against evil and oppression so that the Filipino will not want of liberty and happiness.

In the face of continuing evil so shamefully and so shamelessly perpetrated by no less than the leadership of the land, how sadly the Filipino longs for the empowering presence and protective love of Ninoy and Cory.

How lovingly the thought of Ninoy’s and Cory’s sacrifices as in Rizal’s “Mag-aalay ng kanilang kasibulang buhay, ng kanilang adhikain at sigasig sa kabutihan ng bansa” linger in the minds of the Filipinos.

Humility, righteousness, sincerity, dignity - all these we long for, all these are Ninoy and Cory. All these we miss because there is no humility, no righteousness, no sincerity, and no dignity we see from the nation’s leadership today.

But the Filipino has not lost hope. The genes, the blood, the hearts, and the minds of Ninoy and Cory are alive in you, Noynoy. You are of the flesh and blood, of the heart and soul, of the mind and conscience, of Ninoy and Cory. These alone give us hope that the virtues so eloquently displayed by your beloved parents can be reborn into the bureaucracy and into the entire Philippine society.

You can be no different from your source. The pure and righteous genes of your parents cannot bear a bitter and ugly fruit. You have time and again displayed the qualities that made your parents, Ninoy and Cory, the great people that they were in their lives, and the honored and revered people that they are in their death. We have no fear that you will be no different.

The fruit, taking after the tree, inherits the sweetness and beauty of the tree and propagates its lot. This is the torch that is passed on to the fruit. A torch that can be carried not better by anyone but only by the fruit. A task that can be fulfilled not by any heart but only of and by a hero’s heart.

In the face of the moral decadence that has so brazenly taken over the demeanor of the leadership of the nation, the Filipinos, once again as one people, summon the passion and the righteousness, the courage and resolve of Ninoy and Cory to reacquire moral ascendancy in governance; extricate the nation’s leadership from corruption, greed, lies, deception, injustices, profligacy and extravagance, perfidy, hypocrisy, thievery, bribery, gluttony for dirty wealth and redeem the nation from the ignominy brought about by moral decay and fixation to materiality.

You have that passion and resolve to lead the nation to the righteous path. In your very young age, your father, Ninoy, wrote to you from where he was because of his love for his people, and bequeathed to you the care and protection of your mother Cory and of all your sisters. He so lovingly wrote: I pray to God that you inherit your mother’s resoluteness and silent courage.

You have these qualities in you. We have seen these and more. The simplicity and temperance you have displayed in your years as a legislator have not gone unnoticed by us. But most of all, we see that the silent courage your father Ninoy prayed for to God to give you is in you. The courage displayed by your mother Cory during your father’s long years of unjust and cruel incarceration and up to his untimely death we saw in you at the deepest hour of your grief.

You indeed have the genes, the blood, the hearts, and the minds of your parents. You can do no less for your people than to use these which God gave you in leading us toward the path your parents so bravely and so selflessly pursued and gave up their powers and comforts for.

Nasaan ang kabataang

Mag-aalay ng kanilang

Kasibulang buhay;

Ng kanilang adhikain

At sigasig

Sa kabutihan ng bansa.

Ikaw itong kabataan na ito ngayon Noynoy, na katulad na rin na iyong ama at ina sa kanilang mga sariling kabataan at panahon.

As President of the nation, you will head the moral force in government. You will spread the epistles of moral governance to all and in all the departments and branches of government.

As President of all your people, you will serve as the living inspiration to local as well as national officials that dirty wealth, sinful comforts, stolen opulence, and immoral profligacy have no place in a bureaucracy where morality, righteousness, and fear of God reside.

Then, everything else will follow. Moral reformation will happen and the government, headed by a credible, competent, and honest President, will lead a satisfied citizenry aware that the people who lead them are there for their interest and for the prosperity of the entire nation. The bureaucracy, with strengthened rather than corrupted institutions, will be reborn to decency, honesty, integrity, capability, and competence.

And when crises and uncertainties come, you will have the resolute determination of your father and the indomitable spirit and silent courage of your mother and no way else will you proceed but the way of these two great Filipinos. (End of letter to Noynoy)

Do you think that people like Rene Santico will be swayed by the dirty, vicious black propaganda being funded by Noynoy’s rivals? Or would Rene Santico not think that indeed Noynoy is the good fighting the evil, as evidenced by the evil methods Noynoy’s rivals employ?

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