The 'Wonder Girls' of the 2010 presidential election
AS I WRECK THIS CHAIR By William M. Esposo
The Philippine Star 2010-03-04
The Wonder Girls from South Korea captured the Filipino imagination with their hit song NOBODY. All over Metro Manila, folks have been singing the refrain of the hit song — “Nobody, nobody but you.”

Perhaps the ultimate tribute to the success of NOBODY was the dance number that was rendered by the ABS-CBN top bosses, led by no less than Chairman Gabby Lopez and President Charo Santos, during the November 18 - 21 Philippine Advertising Congress that was held at the Subic Convention Center. The network bosses danced to beat of NOBODY and delighted the people who are giving them their billions in advertising revenue.

NOBODY appears to have even spilled over to our much heated 2010 presidential election. All over the political minefield you can hear “nobody, nobody but you” and its variation of “anybody, anybody but you” being espoused by the partisans.

The political version of “nobody, nobody but you” is of course the battle song of sorts of the diehards of a presidential candidate. To them, the sun and the moon revolve around their presidential candidate. After the elections and a winner other than their presidential candidate had been proclaimed, some of them metamorphose into a local fruit called BALIMBING — the term for the notorious and loathsome political turncoat.

The variation of “anybody, anybody but you” has evolved from those with very a strong compulsion to campaign against a particular presidential candidate. Instead of promoting a presidential candidate they like, they’d rather focus their attention, time and energy into making sure that the object of their dislike and disfavor (or even hate) does not get elected president.
There are varied reasons why some folks would rather sing “anybody, anybody but you” instead of push for a presidential candidate they prefer. Most common of these reasons are sharp ideological differences, a deep seated hurt inflicted on them or their loved one, a past row that left a bitter memory, outright hate and disgust.

Most notable of those who sing “anybody, anybody but you” are three Filipina WONDER GIRLS. Not surprising that the most notable of them are all women as we are all too familiar by now with the line: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

Filipina WONDER GIRL number 1 is Armida Siguion-Reyna. In her January 29, 2010 “No Holds Barred” column in another publication, Armida sang “anybody, anybody but Manny Villar.” The entire column expressed Armida’s concerns about a Villar presidency and even took to task his Senate defenders on the Ethics Case — Senators Nene Pimentel and Alan Peter Cayetano. With no ifs and buts, Armida closed her column with — “I will vote for anyone but Manny Villar.”

Filipina WONDER GIRL number 2 is Mrs. Gretchen Oppen Cojuangco, the wife of San Miguel Chairman Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco. While in Bacolod last February 7, Gretchen Cojuangco minced no words in singing “anybody, anybody but Gilbert Teodoro.”

“Anybody but Gibo, Anybody but him” was what Gretchen Cojuangco actually stated. Mrs. Cojuangco said that to her Teodoro would always be the person who abandoned her husband.

She was quoted by media as saying: “I feel bad for my husband because Gibo left without saying a word to his uncle who helped and supported him for nine years.” Mrs. Cojuangco’s broadside against Teodoro reverberates and damages his image because in our culture there is a premium placed on gratitude.

Filipina WONDER GIRL number 3 is none other than Madame Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA). Without actually uttering words like what Armida and Mrs. Cojuangco stated — GMA virtually sang “anybody, anybody but Noynoy Aquino.”

In politics, the non-verbal message is more important than the verbal — especially when the person speaking is not exactly known for truthfulness. In her rare February 25 EDSA rites appearance, GMA went out of her to try once again to discredit EDSA. Her repeat of “The world will never forgive another EDSA” which she had uttered in the past manifests a fear of being the target of a People Power event.

Only an idiot — one who does not know the truth — will fail to know that of all the presidential candidates, only Noynoy Aquino can inspire an EDSA III. All the signs have manifested, starting from crowds the death and funeral of Cory Aquino had generated to the crowd receptions that Noynoy Aquino have been getting all over the country, that People Power is alive and has found a new champion in Noynoy Aquino.

GMA knows and fears the corrective prescription called People Power. All through the various potential flash points during her regrettable term, GMA immediately smashed any flicker of passion that could develop into a full scale People Power event.

It is understandable. On May 1, 2001, just over three months after she became president, a big mob almost overthrew her government in order to restore ousted President Joseph “Erap” Estrada. That would have been a traumatic experience even for men who are used to rough play.

GMA never forgot the trauma of that May 1, 2001 assault on Malacañang Palace. GMA is fully aware that people have far stronger resentments to be passionate about these days should they be provoked to mount People Power.

Two factors trigger People Power — the inspiration of a good alternative leader and a ruling tyrant to provoke it.

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