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AS I WRECK THIS CHAIR By William M. Esposo
The Philippine Star 2010-04-13
In a court of law, when one person charges another person with a very damaging accusation and it has been proved that the accusation is founded on fake and fabricated evidence - the tables are turned and the accuser becomes the accused. The accuser becomes liable for slander, libel, defamation and could be jailed and slapped with having to pay moral damages.

Following that legal precept, Nacionalista Party (NP) presidential candidate Manny Villar, should now be answering for the spreading of that fake psychiatric report against Liberal Party (LP) leading presidential candidate Noynoy Aquino. ABS-CBN News Chief Maria Ressa had confirmed that the fake psychiatric report was furnished by the NP camp of Villar.

Despite having denied being the source of the fake psychiatric report, Manny Villar challenged Noynoy Aquino during his DZMM/Teleradyo morning interview last Saturday to address the discredited contents. That is out of order and adds insult to injury, to say the least.

Denying being the source of the fake document would indicate that Villar does not want to be associated with its stench. To be proved as employing below-the-belt and vicious black propaganda could sink his ratings further - the last thing he needs. And yet he is giving “credence” to the fake psychiatric report by asking his leading rival to address its contents.

Villar’s challenge to Aquino reinforced the impression that the fake psychiatric report was a major operation plan the NP camp hatched in order to bring down Aquino’s expanding lead. Aquino led Villar by 9% in the SWS March poll, 13% in the Manila Standard Today March poll and 11% in the Pulse Asia March poll. Otherwise, why would Villar insist on pursuing a topic where he stood to be discredited for spreading dirty black propaganda?

Based on a bogus report, Villar’s puzzling challenge to Aquino seems logical only if seen as NP propaganda which was designed to plant doubt in the minds of voters - specifically those who may be gullible enough to still believe a fake report. That assumes that only the class ABC will know the real score and that the less informed and educated classes D and E could be swayed by lies. It’s a big risk only a desperate man will take.

Lo and behold - Villar’s challenge to Aquino was immediately picked up and echoed by several media commentators. Journalists are supposed to know how to evaluate and handle issues - like taking to task the manufacturer of fake damaging reports and protecting the victims of the slander. It’s surprising that these commentators would echo the Villar line. What motivated them to echo Villar’s senseless and baseless challenge? Or should we ask - how much motivated them to do that?

If there is anyone who ought to present proof of his mental stability, it should be my Kumpareng Manny Villar. Don’t you think that his political coalition is symptomatic of what could be schizophrenia? Isn’t going to bed with known Leftists, Rightists, gambling lords, people with big cases to account for, remnants of a dictatorship and a running mate who once accused him of being a crook and pushed for his Senate Ethics Case Trial - symptomatic of split personality?

How about Kumpareng Manny’s recurring inability to discern the truth from the lie, reality from fantasy and legitimate political issue from black propaganda? His tale that his brother died because they did not have the means to provide proper medical care was debunked by their place of residence. Their 560 square meter San Rafael Village lot and house proved that they had the means. How come he denounces as black propaganda being called Pekeng Mahirap (fake poor) with regards his brother’s death when he could not debunk the authenticity of the two public documents that proved it?

The fake psychiatric report is black propaganda - malicious slander to be precise. But Villar persists on pursuing the discredited contents of the fake report as if these were Gospel truth. How can anyone in his right mind imagine our country under a president who thinks and acts like this? The Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) concept of justice stinks. Don’t you think that this Villar concept of justice is worse?

What happens to you if his realty firm confronts you with an eviction notice on the basis of a fake Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) which states that they now own your property? Does that sound familiar? In this case of the fake psychiatric report, he is prosecuting a point as if the report was genuine. Following that pattern of behavior, what makes you think it will not recur if he becomes president?

Villar had the gall and the temerity to challenge Aquino to address a fake report when he was the one who ran away from the 900 authentic Senate documents that would prove his wrongdoing. Do you recall an instance when Kumpareng Manny really addressed an issue against him?

Villar would say “That is an old issue that they’re just rehashing” but it is old because he never addressed and settled it. When the evidence presented against him is solid and damaging, Villar would cry “Poor me, pity me! They’re ganging up on me.”

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