A vital state in the State of the Nation
AS I WRECK THIS CHAIR By William M. Esposo
The Philippine Star 2010-07-22

Thanks to the inherited superb political instincts of President Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy) and the well-meaning efforts of mutual friends from the Gawad Kalinga (GK) — a vital state was accomplished for our nation. This is the now secured state of political peace and harmony between our President and his Vice President — Jejomar C. Binay (V-Nay).

Despite the decision of V-Nay not to take a cabinet post in the P-Noy administration, Tony Meloto and the GK pushed for the appointment of the vice president to chair the HUDCC (Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council). Both P-Noy and V-Nay are big GK supporters and the GK appeal softened V-Nay to relent and accept last Thursday the HUDCC cabinet post.

Your Chair Wrecker had written several columns about the dangerous political situation which the camp of defeated Aquino Liberal Party (LP) running mate for vice president, Mar Roxas, had created. Instead of acknowledging their failure to secure what many considered was a won vice presidency, the Roxas camp opted to blame and badmouth everybody whom they suspected had promoted a Noy-Bi (Noynoy Aquino-Jojo Binay) tandem.

The Roxas camp mega fumble had eclipsed the Toting Bunye political blooper of presenting two Garci Tapes to media which spawned the Garci scandal that will hound Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) all the way to the pages of our history books. As with many Larry, Moe and Curly Joe acts, it is hard to determine if losing the vice presidency or the subsequent badmouthing constituted the more stupid act of the Roxas camp.

The badmouthing would appear to be the more serious fault because of its potential damage - the creation of a dangerous rift between P-Noy and V-Nay. No plurality elected president in the post-Marcos era can feel politically secure in a situation where the vice president is hostile and therefore becomes a rallying point for the opposition.
This emotional blackmail of the Roxas camp on P-Noy could have destroyed the P-Noy presidency and all the hopes of the Filipino nation that are riding on it. Your Chair Wrecker sees this Roxas camp game as nothing short of emotional blackmail. This perception was confirmed by no less than LP Senator Frank Drilon who said that any cabinet appointment for Jojo Binay must take into account the feelings of Mar Roxas.

You know if the people around you are your real friends or concealed enemies by what they make for you. If they make friends for you or transform your enemies into your friends — then they are your best friends. If they make enemies for you or transform your friends into your enemies — then they are your worst enemies.

Now, thanks to men and women of goodwill like Tony Meloto and the GK, this potentially dangerous rift between our president and his vice president has been averted. Not only that, the friendship between the Aquino and Binay families has been restored and reinforced.

P-Noy is one person – no different from his mother — who has a difficulty in hiding his feelings. P-Noy’s body language reveals what he is thinking and feeling. During the June 30 inauguration we all saw a different body language between P-Noy and V-Nay which contrasted with their body language during the proclamation rites in Congress.

Mutual ill-at-ease best describes their body language when P-Noy and V-Nay sat together in Congress before they each ascended the podium to be officially proclaimed. During the inauguration, they were relating with each other like the old friends that they are. The warm rapport was personally witnessed by your Chair Wrecker in a July 3 party where P-Noy sat between me and V-Nay.

It was a jovial occasion and the biggest laugh was generated by P-Noy when he shared with us how Jojo Binay used to send him wedding cakes every year during his birthdays. P-Noy claimed that Jojo Binay was sending him a not too subtle message every time he received that wedding cake for his birthday. Apparently, the gesture had little effect on our bachelor president.

Chair Wrecker reliable sources say that the emotional blackmail no longer works and is now seen as a counterproductive and corrosive factor. It has also been observed that some of the smarter members of the Roxas faction who are now cabinet secretaries have been sending peace overtures to fellow cabinet members whom the Roxas camp have been vilifying, most notably Executive Secretary Jojo Ochoa.

That would be a smart move because a president will always tend to be most comfortable with the people he grew up with. Cory Aquino felt closest to those who were with them during their darkest hours — when Ninoy was in jail and being persecuted. Fidel V. Ramos felt closest to the generals he brought along with him to the Ramos administration. Joseph Estrada felt closest to his friends in showbiz, most notably Fernando Poe Jr.  

GMA was an exception to the rule but that was because GMA had very few real friends. GMA was known to replace her inner circle when the political situation called for it.

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