The desperate moves of P-Noy's adversaries
AS I WRECK THIS CHAIR By William M. Esposo
The Philippine Star 2011-02-03
Nothing best illustrates the desperation of the adversaries of President Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy) — those who have been trying very hard lately to destabilize him — than to claim that COPA (The Council on Philippine Affairs) is now disappointed with his administration.

It was even made to appear on last Monday’s television morning interview of Retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz with ABS-CBN’s Anthony Taberna that several anti P-Noy groups are just waiting for their cue to move after COPA announces its official withdrawal of support for the administration.

Being the Founding Chairman of COPA, I immediately called Secretary General Pastor “Boy” Saycon if he knew anything about this allegation. He was as surprised as I was when he heard about it. Thus, we immediately circulated a clarification via text message to all media and some top government officials, including P-Noy, Executive Secretary Jojo Ochoa and Spokesman Secretary Edwin Lacierda.

The clarification read: “The Council on Philippine Affairs (COPA) questions the motives of Archbishop Oscar Cruz and ABS-CBN’s Anthony Taberna in giving the untruthful impression that COPA is now disappointed with President Noynoy Aquino. What’s surprising is that when Archbishop Cruz mentioned COPA, the file video of Sec. Gen. Pastor Saycon was shown — suggesting preparation to make a point. COPA is united in actively supporting P-Noy and his reform agenda. COPA will be in the frontline fighting any group or effort seeking to destabilize the P-Noy administration.”

Shortly after receiving our clarification, P-Noy replied by text message, saying: “Thank you.” He must have laughed if ever he heard that assertion of Archbishop Cruz. Just last January 12, P-Noy and his family had a fun time with the leaders of COPA, inhaling with us a Chinese feast that’s still making all our mouths salivate.

Archbishop Cruz seems hell bent to destroy this administration. Several months ago, he made some wild accusations about the illegal numbers game which all turned out to be nothing but his say so, hearsay and totally unsubstantiated charges. Read history, the Spanish Inquisition to be precise, and you’ll encounter similar types representing the Catholic Church who have inflicted so much harm and pain to thousands of victims of the Inquisition. The Vatican has since apologized for the Inquisition. 

Archbishop Cruz questions the competence of P-Noy. Should we not question instead his state of mind, if not truthfulness? Check out the basis of his perceiving presidential incompetence. He makes it appear as if lawlessness is running rampant and unchecked.

The facts exposed his untruth. As earlier reported by Sec. Lacierda, crime went down by 41 percent under the P-Noy administration. As earlier reported by the Highway Patrol Group, carjacking went down. An average of 1,186 motor vehicles was reported stolen yearly during the period 2000 to 2009, compared to 761 stolen motor vehicles in 2010. Car robbery cases in 2010 were 37.6 percent lower than the yearly average for the past nine years.

More importantly, the perpetrators of the crimes are quickly being apprehended. The killers behind the murder of Palawan crusader Gerry Ortega have already been caught. The killers of Venson Evangelista, an incident that started as a carjacking, have also been caught. The heat is now on the suspected crime lords behind carjacking — the Dominguez brothers, Raymond and Roger. The speed with which criminals are now being caught reflects the new order. Simply put, the policemen know that P-Noy means business.
Some charlatans are mouthing that the January 25 EDSA bus bombing was P-Noy’s fault because he did not heed the travel advisories last year of several countries, including the US. That is deceitful as it is inaccurate. Protesting what are clearly unfounded advisories that negatively affect our economy – a good president must do. Protesting unfounded advisories and not taking the necessary security precautions are two different things.

There is nothing to support an allegation that government lack of security preparations allowed the EDSA bus bombing to succeed. The US, Israel and Russia have the most competent, best trained and well equipped security forces. Have you checked their track records in preventing terror attacks? The US couldn’t prevent 9-11. Even a country like Russia couldn’t prevent that January 24 bombing incident in Moscow’s Demodedovo Airport which had killed at least 35 persons, injuring over 150 others. We can’t match Russia’s security capabilities and yet that Moscow bomb detonated in a highly secured area. No place in the world today can be totally secured from determined terror threats.

Compared to the US and the UK, we Filipinos should be the ones issuing the travel advisories not to visit those countries. They are both the main targets of the most vicious terrorist organizations. Filipinos should stop selling their intelligence and security forces short. They may be under equipped but they have a good on-the-ground information system. Lucky for us, our very close communities make if easy to gather intelligence and detect hostile movements.

Do you want to talk about the economy? Haven’t you heard that we just recorded our fastest GDP (Gross Domestic Product) increase in 24 years? Have you been following the inflow of investments? Have you checked with Mahar Mangahas of SWS and Ana Tabunda of Pulse Asia just how optimistic the national outlook is nowadays under the P-Noy sun? 

Stop listening to charlatans. They’ll just raise your blood pressure.

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