Did mind-blowing sex erase their memories?
AS I WRECK THIS CHAIR By William M. Esposo
The Philippine Star 2011-12-01
Did you know that mind-blowing sex could erase your memory? It’s true. There have been recorded cases when both the male and female folks had suffered amnesia after experiencing what is often called in sexual intercourse as the ultimate orgasm.

The syndrome is part of what is termed by the medical community as TRANSIENT GLOBAL AMNESIA. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Transient global amnesia is identified by its main symptom, which is the inability to form new memories and to recall the recent past.” Mayo Clinic also lists the most common causes of transient global amnesia as sexual intercourse, sudden immersion in hot or cold water, strenuous physical activity, medical procedures such as angiography or endoscopy, mild head trauma and acute emotional stress such as those that can be induced by bad news, conflict or overwork.  

Reported in the September issue of the Journal of Emergency Medicine was the case of a 54-year-old woman who went to the Georgetown University medical facility after suffering from amnesia. The amnesia happened right after the woman had sex with her husband. In another case that was reported in 1964, a man lost his memory at the point of orgasm. Right after experiencing the seventh heaven, he exclaimed: “Where am I? What’s happened?”

Researchers think that the problem isn’t rooted to the brain but to the neck. A study conducted in the neck of 142 patients showed that 80 percent of them had a case of insufficiency of the valves in the jugular vein. Valves in the veins prevent blood from flowing backward toward the head, per the research, but if the valves do not close, blood could seep back upward.

The recent controversies in our country surrounding the arrest and detention of former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) make you wonder if some folks who have been on the news lately are victims of memory loss owing to mind-blowing sex.

Take the case of Senator Bongbong Marcos Jr. In so many words, Marcos Jr. had virtually tagged President Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy) as worse than Attila the Hun for allegedly disregarding a Supreme Court (SC) TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) that would have allowed GMA to escape prosecution. Marcos Jr. also accused the P-Noy administration of applying selective justice, suggesting that the Marcoses and Arroyos are both victims of persecution.

Marcos Jr. seemed to have forgotten the catastrophe that his father’s dictatorship made of our country and how we’ve sunk from being the second best economy in Asia before his father became president to the pits we’re now in. Marcos Jr. seemed to have forgotten that if there is one word he should try not to use, that is the word selective. Nothing beats the Marcos dictatorship in being selective.

Crony capitalism, which was largely blamed for destroying the economy, was all about awarding the juiciest industries to be monopolized by Marcos, his close friends and political allies. There was one law for the Marcos clique and another for the rest of Filipinos. During the dictatorship, the Comelec (Commission on Elections) knew only how to count votes that favored Marcos and his allies.

How Marcos Jr. could talk so matter-of-factly about selective justice makes us wonder if he was a victim of memory loss rooted to a mind-blowing sexual experience.

Another likely victim of transient global amnesia is GMA lawyer, Attorney Ferdinand Topacio. Topacio’s recent pronouncements surrounding the controversial SC TRO ruling by 8 Justices with a track record of favoring GMA cases, would suggest that he had mind-blowing sex and suffered from memory loss.

Topacio totally forgot that he was supposed to be a lawyer and not a clown. He paid the ultimate price for offering one of his testicles as “collateral” for ensuring that GMA will return from abroad. All over the social networking sites, Topacio was the hot topic — displacing celebrities like Justin Bieber, Brad Pitt, Piolo Pascual and Vice Ganda. The flood of negative comments that met Topacio’s offer to collateralize one of his testicles eclipsed even Manny Pacquiao. Topacio got his 15 seconds of fame although it’s doubted if that is how he would want to be remembered.

Topacio also forgot that his job as GMA’s lawyer did not come with the tasks of being GMA’s propagandist and media attack dog. Likely, it was Topacio whom Senator Miriam D. Santiago was referring to when she advised GMA to get a better legal team. Senator Santiago is one of the few who can get away with clowning around without diminishing the point that she is raising. For her to advice GMA to get a better legal team means that the besieged former president neither has an effective clown nor a sharp lawyer.

Instead of selling his legal opinion, thereby conditioning the public mind to favor GMA, Topacio brought negative attention upon himself in what can be considered as one of the cheapest attempts at huckstering by a shyster. His clowning around also further eroded public esteem for the 8 SC Justices who had voted in favor of GMA by reducing the issue to the level of public ridicule.

Topacio can be compared to a television commercial that called attention to itself instead of the brand it was supposed to promote.

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